Mind The Gap: The Years of Blogging

I created this blog back in February 2013. I couldn’t remember why and how I decided to blog, or if there’s anything particular that influenced me. I went to search from this blog’s archives to read the first thing that I posted. I had many sort of feelings when reading it — hilarious for the way my writing was, as if I was talking to myself when I wrote them without expecting anyone to read. I was highly ambitious for some reason that I made a long list of New Year’s resolution. I also noticed some things hadn’t change, like in the very first post, I had an excerpt of quotes and a link to the song that I liked. I still do the same now. I am still the same person I was, today.

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People Who Inspire Me (in Life and Writing)

In my last post, I shared about what I’ve learned through the journey of Writing. On subsequent posts, I’ll be sharing in-depth about the stuff that I’ve discovered. 

For the past 2 months, I’ve been focusing on writing short stories and participating in writing contests. I also bought a new set of printer and some new books particularly about writing and self-help. I realized from the moment I set up the small workstation in my room, it became a fresh restart; this time without straining my eyes in front of the computer or suffering from the back pain (the new chair and desk really help!). 


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On Writing Journey: What I Have Discovered


Last year, I intended to shovel the interest of writing again which was buried deeply for a long time. It would probably be easier for those who have writing as their passion since childhood, or those who landed their first job as a journalist – for me, it remained fuzzy. I absolutely have no clarity of what my dream is, let alone to answer the question of: “What should I do with my life?” Most of the time, I started writing (or journaling) whenever I have mixed emotions or when I felt motivated to achieve something. I wrote about how writing fits me when I was younger but as I grow older, I lost touch of the craft.

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