Months in Review: September 2013

Many may have guessed that I’d possibly neglected the blog after being away for a brief period. The actual fact is however kind of true, but it wasn’t particularly my intention. It was the more-than-10-hours pile of office work. It was the time of juggling too many things beyond your control.

At present moment, a pinch of tweak for the monthly review. September wasn’t a superior productive month, but had in turn of interesting event.  I’ll start with the good ones.

The Miraculous Event.

On 22-Sept evening, we stuck around for 2 hours at the Helipad Sepang International Circuit parking lot. Nearly hundreds surrounded the open space area waiting at the entrance gate. Precisely at this point of time, the long wait wasn’t so rigorous, especially when all the exhaustion was drained for The Killers, performing live in Malaysia for the first time ever.

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