A Good Match – Soaking Into Art, Fiction and Nature


In mid February, I went for a short trip not too far from home, about 2 hours drive. As usual, my bags were heavier than me – not only that I brought my laptop along (was hoping I could complete downloading my new MMO game), I also carried with me a couple of books, as if I’m not going to return. I checked in at Corus Paradise, Port Dickson.

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Boracay Okay! (Part 5 & Final) The Scenery.

Amazing sky at Boracay

When you are on the island, you may spend your time exploring all the magnificent beaches of Boracay, which accumulates to 7 KM long – White Beach, Puka (Yapak) Beach, Bulabog Beach, Diwinid Beach, Manoc-Manoc Beach and Balinghai Beach. They were gorgeous white sandy beaches – even with the crowdedness and known as commercially-touristic place, the environment were still clean and well-maintained. The sea is unbelievable stunning, the water is so crystal clear, you can even see your own feet! Simply amazing.

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Boracay Okay! (Part 3) – The Fun & Activities.

Boracay sand castle

When you land on Boracay, most people spent their days enjoying the spectacular scenery of the island. I love to save the best for the last, so I’ll definitely share the stunning views in my final Boracay episodes with you guys (I promise!).

I believe you’ve read through the previous stories about the hassle and the activity itinerary, well that’s pretty much what we did over the 8 days. On Wed, 23-Jan-13, both of us fell sick and somewhat have to stay in the hotel room that morning (I know, it’s a bummer when you’re sick during your holiday!). Before I flew to PHI, I had been sick for a week, where my fever spikes up every single day until it reaches 40 degrees! Terribly, it didn’t go off until the night we were supposed to fly. I went to consult with the doctor again asking if I’m allowed to travel (you know you would do anything just to get on that plane!). So I played my innocent face with the innocent-wide-eyes, begging the doctor to help me sort out the disaster. I was prescribed with several antiviral medications for the trip and gotten the approval to travel in a safe condition. Despite the super-high fever, I was glad when I heard the word “Yes, you can” from the doctor’s mouth.

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