Year in Review – 2013

It took me practically half of my weekend to flare up with this post. One thing for certain, the time was spent to recall old times and leafing through things that come to pass within a year; be that as it may, it is much easier to recap for I have the moments written down, and sharing them unhesitatingly all across the globe.

In Dec-2012, I wrote a simple, but precise manifesto. I reviewed my list once more and marked it in red for those that I did not achieve (or I may partly achieve it but without absolute fulfillment from the outcome). Next, I marked green for things which I can proudly tell myself, that I have accomplished the mission altogether.

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When a Magnificent Author and the Best Chef Talks About Life

So my cat was hugging and chilling on John Green affectionately (oh well, his books), and I could tell he loved the words of wisdom from the admirable author.

This month, I managed to get the top four books of Mr. Green, and I’m currently reading the best-selling ‘The Fault In Our Stars‘. This collection was supposed to be kept until the month of September and for my next vacation, but I could not resist any longer to unwrap these books. Who would anyway?

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