Beginning The Year 2019 (Goals and Plans)

I recently wrote a blogpost of things that I have learned in 2018 and how I created a Life Masterplan. There are some things from that list that I am still in the process of learning and improving this year. That’s the thing about learning – it doesn’t stop until after graduation, it’s a lifetime process.

Every year, I get a little excited and anxious when new year approaches. It’s not about doing something new or improving certain skills only when the new year starts because obviously you can do that at any point of time in your life. But there’s this little joy when seeing other people share their new goals and passion together at the same time; for a moment, I feel like I have a life reset button. It’s during this time where I get to flip through my old journals, re-evaluate life and seeing where my life is at after a year or so.

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Retrospective – Wrapping Up Year 2016

One of the good things that I encountered throughout the year was about self-discovery. I spent plenty of time getting to know myself a little bit better, like things that I enjoyed having or stuff that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance. When I did a makeover to this blog this year, it was pleasing to find that writing my profile and describing more about myself was easier. 

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Beginning of New Year 2016

My very first post of the year.

On New Year’s Eve, I browsed all over the social network reading my friends’ New Year’s Resolution. I love to read everyone’s accomplishments, their good and bad memories and their new determination; mostly because I love seeing how people perceive to commit to a change or planning to improve their lives for better. It’s also true that you can do that at anytime of your lives without waiting for new year, but the actual transition is what makes it worth to see.

This year, I skipped making any new resolutions. I made a long list of that almost every year – sometimes I took it way too much, or stretched them into so much detail that eventually it left me with nothing but off-track, lost energy and vibe of motivation to proceed. By mid year, I felt overwhelmed and blamed myself for not having to achieve anything. In 2015, my only hope was to focus on Books and Writing, and the rest just happened whenever I had the urge to pursue anything. I felt better, simpler and actually appreciate myself even more. I didn’t have any specific milestones or targets, but I do know what I wanted to do throughout the year and all I did was just enjoying the journey and process in between without worrying too much about the end result.

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The Hollow Disappearance

April 2015 – Signifies practically 3 months that I have not been pouring my heart-bursting emotions and haywire-brain thoughts into this blog. So it’s absolutely legitimate when most people claimed that “New Year Resolution” was way too overrated (eventually made me realized that I’m encountering it now). Not that I deliberately kill the spirit (although I AM a bit of a witch), however, I observed I tend to get these familiar patterns:

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