Quick Recap – Beginning of Year 2014

My life is a series of random events.

They appeared to be happening unintentionally despite the fact that it is only the beginning of New Year. Tolerably, I was all through my New Year’s goals for the period of January with several other surprising spillovers bumped in February. I supposed this year around I won’t be able to do monthly reviews similar to what I did last year.

I’ve written many articles personally for this blog honestly, however it wasn’t being published. I have no concrete reason for it, only primarily because I presume the time isn’t always right. Many of the completely-written and perfectly-edited articles were still buried in my laptop. I will post them publicly when the moment is acceptably ideal.

To be frank, I hate to procrastinate (especially towards my blog), therefore I have affirmed myself that I will definitely be here – continue with my random article writings and blog posts about my life, my feelings and my perception. Even when there are no readers, even if the frequencies are not extreme. I will not stop writing, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless, here’s the abstract version for the story of my life during the first 2 months:

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