Western Australia (Part 2) – The City, Transport and Festival

I traveled via Malaysia Airlines using my accumulated enrich miles point (it was also a promotional period that month) and landed at Perth on 19th Feb 2015. After all the hassles at the airport, I began my first easygoing exploration of food, stay, and activity on 20th Feb in Perth Central Business District (CBD). The weather was great – sunny, but still breezy. Initially, I had pre-booked a stay at Murdoch University Village, but decided to change to Sullivans Hotel at the very last minute due to its central location that makes it easier to commute to multiple places and closer to the writer’s workshop that I’m going. I arrived in Australia for the very first time with no plans, no special itinerary or whatsoever. Everything happened on the fly.

I met with several travel buddies at random, but most of the time I was all by myself. It’s a safe bet to say that Perth, or Australia in general, is a safe place to travel alone; everyone were very friendly and you wouldn’t face any difficulties especially on the language barrier – their native language is English, and every signboards were written in English. One thing that I love is the accent – it may seemed hard to understand Australian’s accent at first (more like a UK accent), but it wasn’t a problem for me after a couple of conversation with the locals.

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Mid Year (2014) Flashback and Loving Things Lately

Fasting month (‘Ramadan’) nearly comes to an end again this year, and it’s time to welcome delightfully another ‘Hari Raya’ celebration. Doesn’t time flies? Surpassingly fast on the grounds that I wrote correlative post about the celebration last year.

Sighting through this blog in brief, I could almost notice I have published disheartening, darker-shades of posts recently. Here and now, we were impacted by terrifying news about the Flight MH17 (although Flight MH370 unsolved puzzle remains), thus I don’t blame myself for having such dreadful emotions after all.

People change and things go wrong, but life goes on. It’s a beautiful struggle.

From the brighter side, here are some of my dazzling moments in recent past:

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All is Dream and Everything is Real.

Source: Wallconvert.com

“Hey girl, what happened to your blog? It seems that I have not been getting any new stories so far. Is everything okay on your end?”

That was a wake up call for me.

The conversation came from someone whom I barely spoken to, and when I was being asked that question, my mind was instantly switched off. I went completely blank. It felt like I was being hit by a train with unavoidable crashes. And I wasn’t quite sure what exactly happened, but I assumed it will later become a mess.

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