Summer Raindrops from the Shower


Strolling down the memory lane, my mind was devoted to aimlessly wander before bedtime, and it was the periodicity of my relationship with ‘xanax’. It was tremendous experiences during that hour in your bedroom where your brain refused to sleep but demands to be irritatingly-genius; the instance where your mind splashed abundant of solicitous moments and imaginative ideas at 2 AM.

Momentarily, things changed presently. Despite my lack of sleep, I could easily doze off (without any pills) at any unspecified moment, but in most cases, during late hours.

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Losing One Life After Another

Before you decided to continue reading, please allow me to gently remind you that this post is brimmed with many emotions – overwhelming, heartbroken, hope, misery and confusion.

Initially, I’ve mentioned in my previous post that plenty of my life stories were concealed because of the unreasonable moment. Well, this is one of it.

At this point of time, many of you perhaps are completely aware about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 since 8-Mar-2014. It was still a mysterious case indeed which has broke many hearts and tears. People all over the world gathered with their hope and prayers for the passengers on board and their loved ones, although everyone was clueless of what has actually happened and how it does. The only thing we know is that we have lost several lives for unknown reason.

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