My List of Unintentional Things to Learn

I stumbled upon this subject after grazing through some primitive notes and rusty reminders in my phone. In the past year, I have more or less scribbled a countless of random things which I’ve planned to do through the whole of my life. In the long run, these to-dos may be sensibly framed up as things that I wish to learn (or to make great strides).

My perspective was to keep the list as private in the first place. Nevertheless, I’ve reconstructed my brain and decided to share it among others. It doesn’t matter anymore to me whether the list is mortifying or idiotic; whether or not if it’s bizarre or ordinary, insane, or even wicked.

No one is perfect.

To me, in bits and pieces, the list was deliberately for the sake of enjoyment. Attentively, I perceived from the very beginning that some of it may not make any sense due to hypothetical factors for instance: age, financial, health, time, etc. Potentially some could be inspiring, while others may fall under good to learn. Of course, I kept reminding myself there’s no harm to escape, although it’ll be exceptionally incredible if I could master it.

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