Months in Review: March 2013

Reading latest Lonely Planet Euro Edition while enjoying the Famous Amos Almond Dark Chocolate Muffin Top. The kind of life I wanted.

As a matter of fact, March wasn’t literally a great month for me, and my family. In spite of being the longest month of working (solid, full days without a single Public Holiday), many hateful incidents happened, and most of my plan didn’t go as well as I expected.

Blowing Your Brain Fuse with Debts.

  • Credit Card – Terminating one of the zombie cards by my birthday this year. I still have another 8 months to accomplish. That’s the main reason why I said it was a haunted debt, and March made it clearer by ruining my plan. I eventually used the card to purchase something expensive. You may discover what was it by the end of this post.
  • Saving and Other Income – Strangely, I couldn’t afford to allocate time to advance my research. If you’ve read about my Feb reviews, you’ll perceive about the stagnant income stories. Saving? Another 50 bucks and coins collected for the third month. Good thing.

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