The Hollow Disappearance

April 2015 – Signifies practically 3 months that I have not been pouring my heart-bursting emotions and haywire-brain thoughts into this blog. So it’s absolutely legitimate when most people claimed that “New Year Resolution” was way too overrated (eventually made me realized that I’m encountering it now). Not that I deliberately kill the spirit (although I AM a bit of a witch), however, I observed I tend to get these familiar patterns:

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All is Dream and Everything is Real.


“Hey girl, what happened to your blog? It seems that I have not been getting any new stories so far. Is everything okay on your end?”

That was a wake up call for me.

The conversation came from someone whom I barely spoken to, and when I was being asked that question, my mind was instantly switched off. I went completely blank. It felt like I was being hit by a train with unavoidable crashes. And I wasn’t quite sure what exactly happened, but I assumed it will later become a mess.

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Months in Review: July 2013

July is all about the ‘Ramadan’ month where Muslims (including myself) were fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset. To be exact, the first day of fasting was on 10-July. That also meant lesser sleeping hours for me, where I usually woke up at 5:00 AM for ‘sahur’ (to consume early meal before fasting), go to work, ‘iftar’ (break fasting) at around 7:30 PM, settling all household matters, prayers, emails, watching recorded TV series and go to bed mostly at midnight, around 1:00 AM.

And it wasn’t just about fasting, here’s the journey of July.

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Being Introverted or Reserved?

From a single perspective, these two words may have similar meaning. Both personality traits at times can be confused with one another; in either way the fact is they both indeed have different meaning altogether:

(Source from ‘Cambridge Dictionary’ & ‘’)


  • Describes people who do not often talk about or show their feelings or thoughts
  • Formal or self-restrained in manner and relationship; avoiding familiarity or intimacy with others

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