A Good Match – Soaking Into Art, Fiction and Nature


In mid February, we went for a short trip not too far from home, about 2 hours drive. As usual, my bags were heavier than me – not only that I brought my laptop along (was hoping I could complete downloading my new MMO game), I also carried with me a couple of books, as if I’m not going to return. We checked in at Corus Paradise, Port Dickson.

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Nomadic Life in January

Beginning of Year 2017, I am pretty much living as a nomad. Not that I have been travelling aimlessly to anywhere, but I spent almost the entire month outside of home. Aside from camping at my parents’, I stayed at my cousin’s new place, which feels like staying in a resort — it came with a package of a great scenery with breezing air.

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Retrospective – Wrapping Up Year 2016

This year, there weren’t much things going on in my life. Most likely it was because of my long-term illnesses that limit my work, social life, travel and others. One of the main reason I quit my permanent job in late 2015 was because of it. As a result, I live with only little savings, which also means no travelling for this year as well. I left with no choice but to sacrifice my passion. 

However, one of the good things that I encountered throughout the year was about self-discovery. I spent plenty of time getting to know myself a little bit better, like things that I enjoyed having or stuff that I have always wanted to do but never had the chance. When I did a makeover to this blog this year, it was pleasing to find that writing my profile and describing more about myself was easier. 

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Hope Gone Viral – Story of a Little Black Cat

In late November 2016, we rescued a little black cat. We named him ‘Kuro’, which means dark/black in Japanese. Baby Kuro, at 2 months old, was found trapped in the middle of a roundabout under a heavy downpour rain. His body was half drowned in a puddle, only hoping for luck not to be hit by any cars. We saw him and immediately parked our car and crossed the road to catch him. He was soaking wet and shivering. We brought him home, cleaned and fed him. Then we took him to a clinic to check his overall condition – he was okay. We then decided to adopt him.

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