Boracay Okay! (Part 2) – The Accommodation.

Loving the PHI newspaper’s tagline – Truth Shall Prevail

We stepped in to our hotel on Tues, 22-Jan-13 late evening, about 6:30 PM after our extensively tiresome journey. The scenery was dark during this hour, where we didn’t perceive before long that the sun sets at around 5:30 PM on the island. What we also didn’t realize exactly, that was the actual hour where most people started to look around to fill in their stomach for dinner. I certainly had some trouble getting used to the time zone changes in the beginning.

We were greeted by Janet, the second pleasant people I’ve met. The first was the hotel’s driver who’ve helped us tremendously all our way from Caticlan Jetty to the hotel – He helped us carried all our overweight backpacks, paid all the fares, got all our tickets, and drove us through congested streets in the island (passing by Station 3, Station 2 then Station 1) heading towards Boracay Beach Club Hotel. Yeap, that’s the place we stay!

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