Months in Review: August 2013

31st August marked the 56th Independence Day (also known as National Day) for our country, a day for celebration of freedom. August was also the month where we celebrated ’Hari Raya’ festival. It was the month of diversified celebrations for the country, disregard inconsequential of celebrating my own.

For August review, I figured to encapsulate what has happened during the month. While for the common monthly plans in pursuance of my 2013 Manifesto, I’d leave that distinctly to my next post since it’s going to be a long-winded review as a whole.

So here’s my August.

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Months in Review: April 2013

For the month of April, I have more or less depicted the stories in my last post about debts. April was undeniably a busy month for me in terms of office work, therefore I don’t have much time for myself to endeavor any new or fun stuff during that particular month.

Summarizing my April – Working and working and working; all around the clock, after office hours, on weekends and even during medical leave. Needless to say if I’m filthy rich, I’ll just walk off. But I guess I’m not, and commitments were the explicit reason for the suffering. Nevertheless, gratitude should always come first.

Dear April, what happened to you?

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