Western Australia (Part 3) – The Activities and Places

I drafted this third series of travelogue on 26th Jan, and coincidentally it was on the National Day of Australia. Anyway, here the journey continues. After I gained more self-reliant, felt comfortable and familiar with Perth surroundings, I decided to beat my curiosity and explore different parts of Western Australia (just so you know, WA is the largest state of Australia).

Before I came to WA, I had actually received an email for winning a prize in participation of the 2015 Digital Writer’s Festival. The postage from Brisbane was supposed to arrive at the hotel I stayed, but unfortunately it didn’t (the parcel must have gotten lost in between). Another unlucky circumstances for me was the event from Elizabeth Gilbert that I missed (yes, she was in Australia during the summer festival, launching her ‘The Signature of All Things’ book).

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