We Heart (Love) Food

My week nights were spent on my couch watching ‘Masterchef‘ series. My all time favorite will absolutely be the ‘Masterchef Australia‘, specially because of their family-bonding spirits from all the contestants, and that I have also always wanted to live in Aussie! 😛

Later then, I was browsing the net and came across a cool article about online food and their research on food photo sharing trends. This is the statistic that was captured:

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The Greatest Wealth is Health

The Major History

I spent some time reading on the net about maintaining health and how to live a healthier lifestyle. I have to admit myself that my body is vitally prone to sickness. Statistically, I noticed I will most likely fall sick just about every month, until I comprehend I was so immune to all sorts of medications. I can fluently list down scientific names of medicines if you ask me. I’m good at it. Even my doctor said so. It’s like I’m working as a pharmacist.

My family doesn’t come from a perfectly healthy background too. My mother was an asthmatic patient, and she suffered migraine periodically. My father had heart attack in the past (with minimal eye vision due to stroke). Despite their older age, to me, both of them seem strong and fit compared to how my body works. Mummy can still do most of the housework on her own; simultaneously taking care of my grandma and her grandchildren at the same time. Daddy is still capable to drive alone during the day and go for his jog every single morning even when he is fasting. Unimaginably, they are my superheroes.

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Boracay Okay (Part 4) – The Food.

After you have burned out your energy for all the thrilling excitement of activities, by all means you would want to replenish your energy and refill your hunger. On the island, I was overwhelmed by so many restaurants and coffee house; I wish I could try them all! (I get hungry easily most of the time, if you aren’t familiar about this, you may glimpse at my profile on the right sidebar).

Literally, food wise, I don’t have any special recommendations and it’s also pretty much depending on individual’s preferences. Nonetheless, I will be sharing with you guys several dishes that we had during our 8 days stay, and highlighting some of which I personally thinks, tasted awesome.

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