Retrospective – Wrapping Up Year 2016

One of the good things that I encountered throughout the year was about self-discovery. I spent plenty of time getting to know myself a little bit better, like things that I enjoyed having or stuff that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance. When I did a makeover to this blog this year, it was pleasing to find that writing my profile and describing more about myself was easier. 

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Mid Year (2014) Flashback and Loving Things Lately

Fasting month (‘Ramadan’) nearly comes to an end again this year, and it’s time to welcome delightfully another ‘Hari Raya’ celebration. Doesn’t time flies? Surpassingly fast on the grounds that I wrote correlative post about the celebration last year.

Sighting through this blog in brief, I could almost notice I have published disheartening, darker-shades of posts recently. Here and now, we were impacted by terrifying news about the Flight MH17 (although Flight MH370 unsolved puzzle remains), thus I don’t blame myself for having such dreadful emotions after all.

People change and things go wrong, but life goes on. It’s a beautiful struggle.

From the brighter side, here are some of my dazzling moments in recent past:

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Months in Review – December 2013

As much as I was overjoyed by the many boxes of Christmas and holiday gifts, here and now, it is practically approaching end of the year. During this period, many may have started to conclude the year of 2013; skipping the review for the last month of the year.

Hardly any compelling occasion has happened in December for me, although the finest highlight is, I was capable to save some money from unnecessary spending or shopping.

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Months in Review – November 2013

The ‘Scorpio’ month was also the month where I celebrated my Birthday. But this year, I’ve blown out the candles at a beachfront restaurant in Bali on 2-Nov. It was something incomparably meaningful with exhilarated feeling. Having a birthday cake by the beach with the sound of the waves, leads you to a peaceful moment of realistic thinking; essentially about your future life plans.


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