Quick Recap – Beginning of Year 2014

My life is a series of random events.

They appeared to be happening unintentionally despite the fact that it is only the beginning of New Year. Tolerably, I was all through my New Year’s goals for the period of January with several other surprising spillovers bumped in February. I supposed this year around I won’t be able to do monthly reviews similar to what I did last year.

I’ve written many articles personally for this blog honestly, however it wasn’t being published. I have no concrete reason for it, only primarily because I presume the time isn’t always right. Many of the completely-written and perfectly-edited articles were still buried in my laptop. I will post them publicly when the moment is acceptably ideal.

To be frank, I hate to procrastinate (especially towards my blog), therefore I have affirmed myself that I will definitely be here – continue with my random article writings and blog posts about my life, my feelings and my perception. Even when there are no readers, even if the frequencies are not extreme. I will not stop writing, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless, here’s the abstract version for the story of my life during the first 2 months:

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Months in Review: June 2013

Couldn’t believe myself that June was finally over! It is now coming to the second half of the Year of 2013, which also marks the age of 5-months-old for ‘Coffee and The Sky (CATS)’. Yay! That’s awesome! 😀

Cheers to entire CATS lovely loyal readers out there, and warmest welcome to all new readers! Million of thanks for all the love and support!


Also raising my cheers to June, and here’s what happened.

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When Your Life is All about Debts

Oh man! April is fool-ing me around. I perceived I will have more selfishly ‘me’ time, but it turns out my ‘me’ time was taken over by the pile of work after office hours and during weekends. Screw ‘me’. Mostly, screw the work.

Anyway, that’s not the main point of this post.

Each time when work keeps piling up taking control over not only your reality, but your dreams as well, then you realized that it has messed up your personal life. And when that gets under way, you’ll likely become remarkably ambitious (although it won’t take you that far either) and start deliberating about your debts. The haunted debts that I usually share with you guys, keeps me sacrificing my ‘me’ time presently for work. No kidding.

My biggest debt (putting aside mortgage) is the credit card. Well, this is how it goes.

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