Hope Gone Viral – Story of a Little Black Cat

In late November 2016, we rescued a little black cat. We named him ‘Kuro’, which means dark/black in Japanese. Baby Kuro, at 2 months old, was found trapped in the middle of a roundabout under a heavy downpour rain. His body was half drowned in a puddle, only hoping for luck not to be hit by any cars. We saw him and immediately parked our car and crossed the road to catch him. He was soaking wet and shivering. We brought him home, cleaned and fed him. Then we took him to a clinic to check his overall condition – he was okay. We then decided to adopt him.

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Months in Review: May 2013

It’s quite late to review the month of May now.

Particularly because, I don’t have an internet connection at my new home. Yes! My NEW home. May was all about the new house, the moving and all. Nothing much happened to the personal life-changing plans. Perhaps maybe because there wasn’t much time or chances to do so.

This time, I am summarizing my May review.

In terms of financial aspects, I had my ‘Saving Private Fifty’ worked out fine in May. My debt management plan was a total failure during the month of May, seeing the credit card statement came to my hands 2 weeks ago. Most retail transactions ended up in stores such as Ikea – lots and lots of interior design shops, furniture and lighting shops, groceries market, and more; pretty much all about the household things. I left with no option but sacrificing myself for the long term and for a good cause; for the new house.

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Months in Review: April 2013

For the month of April, I have more or less depicted the stories in my last post about debts. April was undeniably a busy month for me in terms of office work, therefore I don’t have much time for myself to endeavor any new or fun stuff during that particular month.

Summarizing my April – Working and working and working; all around the clock, after office hours, on weekends and even during medical leave. Needless to say if I’m filthy rich, I’ll just walk off. But I guess I’m not, and commitments were the explicit reason for the suffering. Nevertheless, gratitude should always come first.

Dear April, what happened to you?

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