When Your Life is All about Debts

Oh man! April is fool-ing me around. I perceived I will have more selfishly ‘me’ time, but it turns out my ‘me’ time was taken over by the pile of work after office hours and during weekends. Screw ‘me’. Mostly, screw the work.

Anyway, that’s not the main point of this post.

Each time when work keeps piling up taking control over not only your reality, but your dreams as well, then you realized that it has messed up your personal life. And when that gets under way, you’ll likely become remarkably ambitious (although it won’t take you that far either) and start deliberating about your debts. The haunted debts that I usually share with you guys, keeps me sacrificing my ‘me’ time presently for work. No kidding.

My biggest debt (putting aside mortgage) is the credit card. Well, this is how it goes.

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Things are scattered everywhere? Try Travel and Budget Checklists

Back in 2012 – When I was at mount top of Koh Lanta, Thailand

It’s March 2013 now.

Phew! Time sure flies supersonically fast this year. Likewise, I have plenty of things in plan scattered in my brain – I hope everything will work out well any time soon.

Anyway, in my previous Boracay series, I have mentioned about some of the templates that was created on my own to ease my planning for the trip and also for the expenses tracking. Definitely, it doesn’t look utterly comprehensive; in spite of that I find it handy and simple enough to use, hence I would like to share these with you guys:

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