Nomadic Life in January

Beginning of 2017, I am pretty much living as a nomad. Not that I have been travelling aimlessly to anywhere, but I spent almost the entire month outside of home. Aside from camping at my parents’, I stayed at my cousin’s new place, which feels like staying in a resort — it came with a package of a great scenery with breezing air.

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Retrospective – Wrapping Up Year 2016

One of the good things that I encountered throughout the year was about self-discovery. I spent plenty of time getting to know myself a little bit better, like things that I enjoyed having or stuff that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance. When I did a makeover to this blog this year, it was pleasing to find that writing my profile and describing more about myself was easier. 

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Book Stories of Storybooks

This is my first post in Year 2015 and I’m glad that 2014 is finally over. Not that I could anticipate the new chapter will have a definitive and perfect story-line, but relatively I am capable to hit the refresh button once more, and at the same time having considerate hopes and downsizing the expectations. No aggressive New Year’s resolution or 1 million bucket list of things would be made, except that my target will be narrowed down into 2 things this year – Books and Writing.

Beginning the first month of the year, I will initiate about the books.

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All is Dream and Everything is Real.


“Hey girl, what happened to your blog? It seems that I have not been getting any new stories so far. Is everything okay on your end?”

That was a wake up call for me.

The conversation came from someone whom I barely spoken to, and when I was being asked that question, my mind was instantly switched off. I went completely blank. It felt like I was being hit by a train with unavoidable crashes. And I wasn’t quite sure what exactly happened, but I assumed it will later become a mess.

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