People Who Inspire Me (in Life and Writing)

In my last post, I shared about what I’ve learned through the journey of Writing. On subsequent posts, I’ll be sharing in-depth about the stuff that I’ve discovered. 

For the past 2 months, I’ve been focusing on writing short stories and participating in writing contests. I also bought a new set of printer and some new books particularly about writing and self-help. I realized from the moment I set up the small workstation in my room, it became a fresh restart – I began to hone the skills in writing; this time without straining my eyes in front of the computer or suffering from the back pain (the new chair and desk really help!). 


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Blogging vs Writing – Why I Started to Blog and Love to Write.


With all due respect, I idolize people who could write blog posts daily or weekly on a long-term basis. I presume it’s either they have plenty of spare time or lesser life commitments; or perhaps know how to manage their time well by putting aside few extra hours a day for their blog. Or it could possibly be that blogging is their full time job. Despite everything, I admire the dedication and passion.

I discovered many types of blogs (and online articles) – From personal stories, tips and tricks, to major source of information. I learnt ample of new stuff and I became a reader to these. Many were fascinating and inspiring, but some were just blogging for the sake of, well you know. Others treated their blog as a challenge to themselves, or as a life promises to their hungry subscribers.

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