Months in Review – November 2013

The ‘Scorpio’ month was also the month where I celebrated my Birthday. But this year, I’ve blown out the candles at a beachfront restaurant in Bali on 2-Nov. It was something incomparably meaningful with exhilarated feeling. Having a birthday cake by the beach with the sound of the waves, leads you to a peaceful moment of realistic thinking; essentially about your future life plans.


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Months in Review: February 2013

The short Valentine’s month. It was a less productive month for me (blame all the Public Holidays), however it was such an amazing month, for Coffee and The Sky was born on 10-Feb-13. Simultaneously, 10-Feb was also my 1st Anniversary, which sums up together becoming the greatest month. Mood was still leaning towards the excitement of fulfilling my 2013 Manifesto.

Flashback to Mr. February? Here it goes.

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Months In Review: January 2013

My beloved guinea pigs when they both were still young & acting innocent

Righteously, it may be quite late to do a January review now.

Blergh I’m still going to simply note it down here so that they won’t get fade away, while some of the memories are still fresh. And it was also part of my 2013 Manifesto to do monthly reviews. February was a short month, and Coffee and The Sky was officially started during mid Feb, hence dragging the January review to later. The Valentine month was mostly focused on The Boracay Series – specially dedicated to people who have asked about my experience from the 9 days trip.

So, what really happened back in January? Let’s see. Hmmm…

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