A Good Match – Soaking Into Art, Fiction and Nature


In mid February, I went for a short trip not too far from home, about 2 hours drive. As usual, my bags were heavier than me – not only that I brought my laptop along (was hoping I could complete downloading my new MMO game), I also carried with me a couple of books, as if I’m not going to return. I checked in at Corus Paradise, Port Dickson.

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Reality Check – When the Silence Gets Too Loud

Do you ever get accelerated upon stumbling into articles which were written something like this: “How Do I Quit My Job and Travel the World”? If you do, let’s give ourselves a big, group hug. In some such way, this subject became an overrated trending, especially among the 20s and 30s – either they are yearning to experience it, or simply ignoring it thinking that doesn’t make any sense.

This post has another kind of story. Go on read it if you’re interested to know (setback alert: it has nothing got to do with quitting job or fly across the globe or whatsoever).

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Boracay Okay! (Part 5 & Final) The Scenery.

Amazing sky at Boracay

When you are on the island, you may spend your time exploring all the magnificent beaches of Boracay, which accumulates to 7 KM long – White Beach, Puka (Yapak) Beach, Bulabog Beach, Diwinid Beach, Manoc-Manoc Beach and Balinghai Beach. They were gorgeous white sandy beaches – even with the crowdedness and known as commercially-touristic place, the environment were still clean and well-maintained. The sea is unbelievable stunning, the water is so crystal clear, you can even see your own feet! Simply amazing.

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Boracay Okay (Part 4) – The Food.

After you have burned out your energy for all the thrilling excitement of activities, by all means you would want to replenish your energy and refill your hunger. On the island, I was overwhelmed by so many restaurants and coffee house; I wish I could try them all! (I get hungry easily most of the time, if you aren’t familiar about this, you may glimpse at my profile on the right sidebar).

Literally, food wise, I don’t have any special recommendations and it’s also pretty much depending on individual’s preferences. Nonetheless, I will be sharing with you guys several dishes that we had during our 8 days stay, and highlighting some of which I personally thinks, tasted awesome.

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