New Year – Planning for Year 2014

In last December, I spent some time reading the first few chapters from Gretchen’s book. The author reiterated about how every new year resolution should always begins with a preparation in the first place, and I completely agree with her. For that reason, during first few weeks of the year, this is what I have been engaging from my end.

At the time I started to list down my goals, the list became excessively lengthy and overly ambitious eventually. I neglected to consider the strategies, and only later realized I dreamt too much out of it without literally planning about it precisely. Some may already have a list of 101 things to do, or to accomplish this year, except for me. This year, I intent to step back, focus on what’s more important and choose to fix wisely – taking my best time to spread out the master plan and attaining smaller steps gradually.

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