Writing Journey

My writing journey and accomplishments.


Member of Den’s Freelance Writer Dec 2014
Member of MY Writers FB Group Jan 2015
– Attended 2015 Perth Writers’ Festival
– Participated in UWA Writing Workshop
– Graduated from Australia Writers’ Centre (Creative Writing)
Feb 2015
Wrote Short Story: ‘The Anomalous Autumn’ Mar 2015
Participated in WordPress Writing 101 Challenge Apr 2015
Applied ‘Escape the Content Mills’ Course May 2015
Joined Kary Oberbrunner’s course: How to Become An Author Jun 2015
– Joined Chandler Bolt’s: Self-Publishing Summit
– Applied David Lee’s: Scrivener Training
– Applied Joseph Michael’s: Learn Scrivener Fast
– Applied ‘4-Week Journalism School’
– Applied Joe Bunting’s course: Let’s Write Short Story
Jul 2015
Submitted Short Story to Fixi Novo Heat/Trash/Flesh Anthology Aug 2015
– Submitted Short Story to Terfaktab Gagalis Anthology
– IOWA International Writers Program: How Writers Write Fiction
Sep 2015
– Submitted to AkuMalaysia: ‘Weekend Getaway: Where To Go?’
– Submitted Fixi/BookXcess Cerita Resit: ‘Hamba Dunia’
Oct 2015
Submitted Brevity Mag (Non-Fiction): ‘Only One Chance’ Nov 2015
Submitted Reader’s Digest Asia 100-Word: ‘Morning Rain’ Dec 2015


Wrote Travelogue Series: ‘Solo Travel to Australia’ Jan 2016
Applied Diploma from Centre of Excellence: Novel Writing Apr 2016
Submitted Fixi Chronicles of KK: ‘Turn Off The Lights’ May 2016
– Applied Joe Bunting’s Course: Becoming Writer
– Submitted Rumah Lipur Lara: ‘Meditasi Mimpi’
– Joined She’s Novel Pre-Writing
Jun 2016
Interview/Featured Writer for Witty Title Here newsletter Oct 2016
Submitted 6 Poems to Literature Zine: ‘Litzin Kerja Tangan’ (2 published) Dec 2016


– Submitted Short Story to Cukaria
– Signed up for Steve Alcorn’s Novel Writing Workshop
– Submitted Short Story to Strange Horizons: ‘Turn Off The Lights’
Jan 2017
– Book Review for Rumah Lipur Lara
– Submitted Poem Translation to Fixi Verso
Mar 2017
Submitted Short Story and Poem to Little Basket May 2017
– Submitted Short Story to GLTF Fringe
– Submitted 3 Short Stories to Eksentrika (2 published)
Oct 2017
Brainstorming old manuscript Dec 2017


Working on a manuscript:
– Research Work
– Characterization
– Summary Outline, 3-Parts Outline, Chapter Outlines – done
– Revisit and rewrite early chapters – done
Philosophy Study On-Going
Submitted Poem to OffKL Mar 2018