Fiction Writing: Short Story/Poems

Sample of written short stories and anthologies.

1) The Peculiar Autumn – Published

  • Summary: A story about an overprotective, mid-twenty widow who has the undivided love for her son and books. During one autumn, her life resorted to be best-selling chapters without her knowing that she was being someone’s main character in a book.
  • Words: Approx. 2000
  • Project For: Eksentrika 

2) Catching Sunbeams – Published

  • Summary: (Heat) – When the truth prevails. A story about globetrotters who traveled to Southeast Asia for the first time, but greeted by misery on their second day. Noelle had witnessed an unexpected series of event during her first exploration through the urban city, which ultimately reveals the most hideous mystery beyond her like-minded beliefs.
  • Words: Approx. 4000
  • Project For: Eksentrika

3) Meditasi Mimpi (in Bahasa Malaysia)

  • Summary: A story about two stranger’s life instantly intersects after a random first meet – the rich became poor, the successor became a loser and vice versa. They stumbled upon each other again after several months; but on this occurrence, they couldn’t determine whether their metamorphosis lives was destined to be, or was it just a meditational dream.
  • Words: Approx. 2500
  • Project For: Terfaktab, Rumah Lipur Lara

4) Lost 

  • Summary: A story about someone who loses the freedom of choosing the path to her own future, even after 30 years of living.
  • Words: Approx. 2000
  • Project For: KL Writers Workshop – Bernice Chauly (pre-entry)

5) Hamba Dunia (in Bahasa Malaysia) – Published

  • Summary: A short comedy excerpt about a girl who complaints to a stranger on the verge of surviving a rat race’s life; who unexpectedly turned to be her new Manager.
  • Words: 100
  • Project For: Fixi/BookXcess – Cerita Resit









6) Turn Off The Lights 

  • Summary: A story about a photographer who was on assignment during a festival in Sabah, only later found himself caught up in a murky incident in one of the sacred rituals.
  • Project For: Fixi Novo (3100 words), Kisah Literary Journal (2000 words)

7) Poems Collection (in Bahasa Malaysia) – Published

  • Summary: A collection of poems for Literature Zine. Published for both online and physical version in Issue Number 8.
  • Project For: Litzin Kerja Tangan