Western Australia (Part 1) – The Journey and Purpose


It has been one of my dream to live in Australia. What’s stopping was of course, the money constraint. Nevertheless, before making any giant leap, I made a promise to myself to save some money and take the first trip to the land of Down Under. My 2 decades of wishing and 1-year savings finally paid off.

Back in January 2015, I took a Creative Writing course from AWC, and became one of the members in their graduate groups. They have great writing communities and plenty of workshops being held in major cities. While I was browsing at some places to go, I came across an ads about Perth Writer’s Festival, which eventually convinced me to travel with no second thoughts.

I booked my flight tickets after successfully obtaining a travel visa (yes, you need a visa to OZ). It was my second pursuit of travelling solo. There wasn’t much of anxiety this time as compared to the first solo trip, though I had few bad experience­ – even from day one.

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Reality Check – When the Silence Gets Too Loud

Do you ever get accelerated upon stumbling into articles which were written something like this: “How Do I Quit My Job and Travel the World”? If you do, let’s give ourselves a big, group hug. In some such way, this subject became an overrated trending, especially among the 20s and 30s – either they are yearning to experience it, or simply ignoring it thinking that doesn’t make any sense.

This post has another kind of story. Go on read it if you’re interested to know (setback alert: it has nothing got to do with quitting job or fly across the globe or whatsoever).

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The Travel Cravings before Your Trip

Preferentially by any circumstances, the minor modification of my blog which presently displays the next milestone of my trip constantly caught my attention (take a look at the main sidebar). Nearly in 2 months time, my next trip to Bali, Indonesia started to exhilarate my adrenaline of excitement; the similar kind of feeling that I had before my last trip to Boracay, Philippines early this year.

As lunatic as it may seem, I have indeed booked another flight ticket to Bali, a week after I returned to home from Philippines. I believe most of you can relate to this eagerness of feeling to extend another vacation from a recent vacation. Notwithstanding, I was fortunate to get the best flight deal during that period.

While writing this post, ‘Eat Pray Love‘ is running in my mind.

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Things are scattered everywhere? Try Travel and Budget Checklists

Back in 2012 – When I was at mount top of Koh Lanta, Thailand

It’s March 2013 now.

Phew! Time sure flies supersonically fast this year. Likewise, I have plenty of things in plan scattered in my brain – I hope everything will work out well any time soon.

Anyway, in my previous Boracay series, I have mentioned about some of the templates that was created on my own to ease my planning for the trip and also for the expenses tracking. Definitely, it doesn’t look utterly comprehensive; in spite of that I find it handy and simple enough to use, hence I would like to share these with you guys:

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