Book Review: All The Bright Places

Source: Tumblr

I accidentally picked up this book since it wasn’t listed under my TBR. I was doing a research about depression, mental illness, etc as part of my writing project and while searching for some materials to read, I stumbled upon this book. I finished the book (about 400 pages) on 1st March, and decided to write something about it. I try my best to avoid major spoilers as best as I could.

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Book Stories of Storybooks

This is my first post in Year 2015 and I’m glad that 2014 is finally over. Not that I could anticipate the new chapter will have a definitive and perfect story-line, but relatively I am capable to hit the refresh button once more, and at the same time having considerate hopes and downsizing the expectations. No aggressive New Year’s resolution or 1 million bucket list of things would be made, except that my target will be narrowed down into 2 things this year – Books and Writing.

Beginning the first month of the year, I will initiate about the books.

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Stealing the Thought of Happiness

The idea came into existence from my interest to own a water pot plant. After many weeks, I found one that caught my eyes – a veritably modest plant. I placed it on my office desk, which then leads to other motley chapters.

I hate gazing at my laptop for hours in the office. Every so often, I will have tons of paperwork review and writing new policies. Believe me, I don’t work as a writer (which I’ve always wanted to), nor an editor (which I perceived I’m good at). Contrastively, I am stranded in the telecommunication project management field (which I’ve never even imagined saying it).

My ordinary days sensed differently. This time, I have a new plant. Conceding that my eyes and brain are burned out, I will stare at ‘him’. He’s green, he’s awesome, he’s a life-saver; like The Hulk.

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Hungry for Hunger Games!

Work was hectic these few days.

I’m substantially unsure of the reason, but I kind of feeling the lost of motivation to complete all my tasks ahead of time, like how I usually challenged myself. Part of it probably because I haven’t set any time for a good massage; which is why up till now my left shoulder blades and neck felt so strained, and mostly tired, I wish I could just pull them off like pieces of Gundam!

Productivity level equals to zero. Yeap! A BIG FAT ZERO.

Came back home today, wanted to just fondle my laziness by no more than jumping on my bed and shut my eyes. I step into the house and was welcomed by this:

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