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A paramount of thanks and boundless love to YOU, adorably-awesome readers out there, for dropping by here at any time of day in your life. Let’s stay in touch and say hello to each other regardless from wherever you are around the globe. Share your experience and leave your thoughts – I love to read all your comments and responding to you guys, so don’t feel shy or being anonymous (I might stalk your page a lil’ and eventually will love you even more 🙂).

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Beginning The Year 2019 (Goals and Plans)

I recently wrote a blogpost of things that I have learned in 2018 and how I created a Life Masterplan. There are some things from that list that I am still in the process of learning and improving this year. That’s the thing about learning – it doesn’t stop until after graduation, it’s a lifetime process.

Every year, I get a little excited and anxious when new year approaches. It’s not about doing something new or improving certain skills only when the new year starts because obviously you can do that at any point of time in your life. But there’s this little joy when seeing other people share their new goals and passion together at the same time; for a moment, I feel like have a life reset button. It’s during this time where I get to flip through my old journals and logs, re-evaluate life and seeing where my life is at after a year or so.

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A lot of things had happened in the last quarter of 2018 when I thought life would just be plain and normal. At the point of writing this post, I have drafted my 2019 goals which I will share briefly when New Year approaches. This time, I will not be making a list of what had happened in Q4 2018, but more of an overview and what I have learned throughout the year.

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Year 2018: Q2 and Q3 Review

After being away from blogosphere for about 6 months, I have many topics that I wanted to talk (write) about. I don’t prefer to dump everything into a single post, and for this reason I will have them posted in separate entries. In this particular post, I just wanted to share a quick glance of what had happened in the past months (April to mid Sept) while I’m away.

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Year 2018: Q1 Review and Q2 Goals

This year, I started to use a Planner. For me, the good thing about it is that I tracked things that happened almost everyday, also did a weekly and monthly review. I set time to write, log, and reflect. The planning part, I did it weekly, but it doesn’t work for me as much – most of the time, things changed. The journaling part, works wonderfully.

To keep this post simpler and shorter, I’m making it as a list for the past 3 months review (January – March 2018), both good and bad.

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