2019 Mid-Year Review and Next Goals

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog and honestly, I felt that time has gone by so quickly this year. As I wrote this post, I was still in the midst of my travels for Eid celebration, so I had to  steal some alone time between the hectic to re-evaluate my earlier 2019 goals and what had actually happened in the past 6 months. I want this post to be simplified, so I will only share some major events and few lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

On Life and Work

Some living situation has changed. I had to allocate most of my time and energy for packing, moving, cleaning and getting rid of old stuff. This tedious task is still on-going and hopefully I could get everything settle by end June. Not only I was physically exhausted, it drained my mental energy too. In terms of job-related, I didn’t manage to fix a steady income flow, which means this process in making sure we are financially secured will continue throughout next quarter. With my health limitation, this is definitely one of the real struggle.

In February, we went for a short trip to Bali for the second time. I hope to share more about this trip in upcoming posts (I know it has been on my pending-list for few months, sorry about that). I was mostly anxious pre-trip due to health concerns and I had not travel to overseas close to 5 years or so. I did a thorough preparation before that. All in all, the trip was okay and I’m glad that I pushed myself through it. I really love travelling and I hope I could do more trips in future.

On Books and Writing

I set a target to read 15 books this year and I’m already halfway through it. They were considered as ‘research books’ and I felt less pressure by setting smaller reading goals. I also used a Reading Journal/Logbook to write my thoughts after I finished reading a book. I felt this was one of my little victories, finishing books cover to cover. I also bought a couple of new books and broke my self book-buying ban.

My manuscript work has halted as I had to put more focus on real life stuff. Occasionally I did brainstorm and added more scenes whenever any random ideas pops out. I wanted to put more preparation work to the manuscript as what I have planned earlier this year. Aside from that, I also make sure that I always update my planner and journal.

On Random Stuff

Fun stuff. I did a re-marathon of Game of Thrones and watched the final season. I also re-marathon How To Train Your Dragon and John Wick series and watched the 3rd installment. I am yet to watch the final season of The Big Bang Theory and do a re-marathon of Star Wars (the movies, the series, the anthologies) before this December. As for gaming related, I finished playing Witcher 1, played a lot of SWTOR with gaming buddies and now on Witcher 3. Other than that, I had my first attempt to bake soft chewy cookies. I took care various types of plants, breed them, and also gave them to new owners without any charges. I did some new sketches and practiced doodling with ink. My parents finally came to visit my house after some renovation work and even though they came just for a while, I was so happy. I hope they could visit more.

What I’ve Learned

There were couple of things that I observed and learned in the first half of this year:

  • If I put a little effort, as little as 5 minutes to do something productive, a lot of things can be done and it’s not impossible.
  • As a hardcore hermit, I learned to push myself a bit to go out and explore the world.
  • Crossing off to-do list brings a really good feeling and a sense of achievement.
  • I still need to adjust my sleeping schedule; for an insomniac night owl, this is the hardest. I still tried to get enough sleep as best as I could and took a break when I needed a rest.
  • Fixed daily routines doesn’t work for me. Setting weekly targets works best for me, I accomplished more than I thought.
  • I was able to quickly shift my mood and thoughts; I acknowledged my feelings (I have a daily mood tracker for that) and did not let negative energy consumed me for too long. I poured everything out, then I let go of things that were beyond my control and move on. I always kept myself busy and occupied most of the time to stay away from obstructive thoughts. This is another little victory that I’m proud of.
  • I tend to be more silent when argument arise. At this phase of my life, it’s like when someone argued 2+2 equals to 5, I will just say okay, you win, take your trophy and just leave me alone. I’m much happier that I don’t have stay in the same room, on the same level.
  • I felt that I was much closer to God (especially during Ramadan which I love), like fulfilling more prayers and stuff. God is good really, I just need to be patience.

Next Goals and Plans

Next plan is to update my Life Masterplan (my savior) and come out with next quarter goals. This time, I want to give myself more space and time to complete my goals and not cramming every single thing.

There was also one occurrence before this that I was feeling overwhelmed about the long list of things that I wanted to accomplish in life. I randomly came across a video that talks about time management and how we should work from our calendar and time and not from our list. I realized that my list tends to get longer and longer because everything seems important to me. What I lack of was task prioritization and time blocks, which I plan to work on in the upcoming weeks.

Other than random income work and translation work, I also have to do some preparation work like finish setting up my home office and housekeep my phone gallery and notes. I love the creative side of life and I wanted to draw more focus on my art too. I plan to continue with my reading goals, listen to more creative-related podcast, do brisk-walking, set a cut off time for gadgets and set time aside for spiritual stuff and mental-health related.

Few days before Ramadan, I lost a dear friend to cancer. She is someone who always read my blog, my stories or whatever crap I wrote and she is no longer here. I’m sending my thoughts to you dear strong girl. For some reason, I still feel that you are reading this post. Maybe you are :’).

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