Year 2018: Q2 and Q3 Review

After being away from blogosphere for about 6 months, I have many topics that I wanted to talk (write) about. I don’t prefer to dump everything into a single post, and for this reason I will have them posted in separate entries. In this particular post, I just wanted to share a quick glance of what had happened in the past months (April to mid Sept) while I was away.

The Not-So-Good

  1. My health hasn’t been that great, but it wasn’t the worst. I’ve had illness that associates with the hormonal imbalance (I guess this will prolong for quite some time), and a major back pain but later recovered. Also had sleep deprived, and mentally, it’s been on and off too.
  2. Less productivity in terms of writing and reading. Mostly due to some events, other non-creative workloads, and lack of energy and motivation.
  3. Had a huge fight with my partner, but it got settled.
  4. Some of my personal accounts got hacked. Also, everything got settled.
  5. Earthquake in Lombok Indonesia, so our Bali trip was cancelled.
  6. Lost my old car to a fire (short circuit) incident.
  7. Overspent on unnecessary items.

Okay, The Good

  1. I really love the fasting month of Ramadhan. I woke up super early in that month, did lots of self-reflection and productive stuff.
  2. Setup a new workstation at my parents’ place since I spent most of my time there.
  3. Went for a checkup at the hospital. Good thing is, nothing critical.
  4. Separated my Instagram accounts for work and personal.
  5. Bought a couple of new books. Then back into Book-Buying Ban from July till Sept.
  6. Bought some artsy stuff. Also pre-ordered the new 2019 Passion Planner.
  7. Bought new phone. Old phone is literally dead.
  8. Finally met some of my gaming buddies (in person, not virtually).
  9. New hobby on greenery stuff (planting new baby plants, studying indoor plants etc).
  10. Signed up to Margaret Atwood’s class and a few other creative courses.
  11. Spent tons of time and energy working on something that brought a little more income. Still unsure if this would be temporary or if it can sustain in longer period.
  12. Somewhere in May-June, I put a lot of work into manuscript writing and able to gather some info on characterization. The work is now back into brainstorming phase.
  13. Watched the anime ‘Kimi No Nawa (Your Name)’ in repeat because it’s just too good. Also, watched Star Wars: Solo Movie. And binged on few other movies/series.
  14. Distanced myself from a toxic/drama group. Best decision I’ve ever made.
  15. Joined a bunch of Live Sprints organized by Instagram Writing Community.
  16. Went for second staycation this year.

All in all, the above pretty much sums up my past months. I’ll be writing another post about life as a creative person, and what I’ve been dealing with after quitting my permanent job. It will be lengthy, so stay tune!

2 thoughts on “Year 2018: Q2 and Q3 Review

  1. Wide-Eyed Wanderer says:

    I’m sorry if your Bali trip got cancelled. My vacation too also got cancelled a few weeks back and it sucks so I understand your frustration. But I am happy that you have a lot of positive things going on in your life so that’s great!!! Kimi no Nawa is my favourite anime movie! Silent Voice is also!! Those ones were an emotional rollercoaster ride!!! Andddd, I hope to see you in some of the Instagram Authors community/ live sprints in the future!! 😀

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