Year 2018: Q1 Review and Q2 Goals

This year, I started to use a Planner. For me, the good thing about it is that I tracked things that happened almost everyday, also did a weekly and monthly review. I set time to write, log, and reflect. The planning part, I did it weekly, but it doesn’t work for me as much – most of the time, things changed. The journaling part, works wonderfully.

To keep this post simpler and shorter, I’m making it as a list for the past 3 months review (January – March 2018), both good and bad.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Health-wise is still a major issue, both physically and mentally. The hormonal imbalance leads to a lot of other things and still unresolved. I get quite frequent migraines and drowsiness, along with weight gain. I had depression and major insomnia too, but it gets better now. Other than that, there’s this hand injury that limits a lot of my activities. For most part, everything is still recovering.
  • Over-spending. It happened when I was having a breakdown, but somehow I quickly manage to control it after that. I keep track of my monthly spending in my Planner, so that helps.
  • Too much time wasted on phone, internet and social media. Luckily I realized it sooner, and started to monitor the usage weekly. This is still work in progress, I’d say.
  • Self-persistent is not happening – this is really challenging. WIP.
  • Hail storm happened on 6th March – which ironically happens on the same date as another past moment that I’m trying to forget.
  • Applied some jobs, and submitted some work, but no feedback.

Okay, The Good! :

  • A lot of happy parcels (that came from the overspending part, somehow makes me happy).
  • Joined a lot of Instagram community stuff and met so many friends from all over the world.
  • Planning, crafting, drawing and writing helps to avoid laziness, depression, etc. I also discovered that my bad mood turns around quickly and I didn’t drag it for too long. Most of the time, I kept myself busy when I’m not sick, I started to learn to ignore petty things, and I did not let negativity clouded me.
  • Reading at least 1 book/month – that is still intact.
  • 3 months of book-buying ban – I achieved it.
  • Staycation for 6 years Anniversary – a simple, yet rewarding celebration.
  • Gaming: Black Desert Online and Ni No Kuni 2 (yes, I put game time under good stuff, because why not?)
  • Watched: The End of The F*ing World, Blue Jay, Good Will Hunting, 5cm/sec anime, and more.
  • On Writing: Partially doing notes compilation, rewrite prologue and 2 chapters, re-outline summary and Part 1. My parents are now aware that I’m working on a manuscript, and they seems okay with it.
  • Did some charity, and somehow unexpectedly, I get something in return without me hoping for anything.

Next Quarter Goals:

Next quarter goals will be nothing major. I wanted to avoid over-planning and with fasting month and Hari Raya coming soon, I’ll probably be less productive. Smaller goals would be:

  • Proper timing to sleep and wake up – this is really hard for me but I’m trying to fix it and make it a standard timing everyday.
  • A nightowl in me trying to do more work during the day.
  • Control social media/phone/internet usage. On-going thing.
  • Do more reading, prayers, self-reflection, etc.
  • Control spending based on the monthly limit.
  • Do my own thing – to avoid getting hurt which mostly caused by external factors.
  • On Writing: Pacemaker, continue compile notes, edit earlier chapters, and write Part 1. In between, apply for jobs and update this blog.
  • Another round of book-buying ban until year end (except for research books). This is to clear some of my TBR.

Guess that’s all for my list. Do you do monthly/weekly reflection and goal-setting? Share yours and let’s support each other 😀

5 thoughts on “Year 2018: Q1 Review and Q2 Goals

  1. asrap virtuoso says:

    Suggestion: Add a little exercise for health and a sharper mind.

    All the best for the rest of the year!

  2. Josiah BradleyOnline says:

    Hi, I saw your update on IG! I followed a lot of new people recently but then was kind of ghost this past weekend so now I’m playing catch up haha. I too am working on better health. the weather breaking here on the U.S. East Coast helps a lot with that. I’m trying to be better about saving money especially now that I own a car: maintenance amirite?

    Yay for Parcels, I just got some book mail a few days ago! Gaming sounds like a good past time for distressing and connecting with your friends. I don’t Game but I think it’s cool it makes people happy, my youngest brother is a serious gamer. I take notes a lot too when working on my WIP, I just jot down a lot of ideas until I feel I have enough. So Good luck!

    Good luck on your next quarter and nice to meet you! My last blog was sort of a listicle/reflection post too. It covered 4 or 5 pieces of writing advice that helped me after I had to shelve my previous WIP😔. But that’s ok, onward and upward.

    Take care!

    • Farahrina Ali says:

      Hi Josiah! Playing catch up in between hectic life can be a bit tiring, so I definitely understand what you are saying.. 🙂 Thank you for reading and responding to me through here and through IG.. I’m glad that we connect, and I’ll be visiting your blog soon 😀

      • Josiah BradleyOnline says:

        You’re welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on my site as well. I’m working on a post for this Wednesday in fact! I hope you had a good weekend and start to the week. See you!

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