Starting the Year 2018

I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions for many years already because I never actually achieved them. These recent years, I choose to go with list-making of attainable goals, and even if I don’t accomplish it within certain time frame, it is worthy to see that I’m making a progress, regardless big or small. It’s also the time to anticipate changes and opportunities for growth.

These several years, I never missed journaling even though it doesn’t happen every day. Back in my early years of working, I used to have an organizer that I carried almost everywhere. Particularly this year, I started to use both – a Planner and a Journal. I tend to avoid using a planner all these years because: (1) I’m hardly a discipline person and (2) I’m afraid if I plan too much, I will end up feeling intimidated, or just simply plan but never do. I’m the type of person as you can say, ‘Go with The Flow’, and of course, there are pros and cons to this. There’s something inside me that also tells me to kill that procrastination.

So, I picked Passion Planner (for the first time) to kick-start this year. I’m not saying this is the best (or worst) planner out there in the market, but merely a coincidence choice. I think the layout just fit precisely on how I plan to list and work on my goals. Also, I don’t think I’m ready for bullet journaling (bujo), although I always admire the creativity and productivity of many people who use it.

Source: Passion Planner

Okay, so I’m not going to go very detail about how Passion Planner works because you can view all the comprehensive details, photos and videos at their website, Instagram or YouTube. If you want to give it a try, they also provide free PDF templates that you can download to see if it suits your preference. I remember I waited at 2:00-3:00 AM somewhere in November last year (due to time zone differences) during the discount period to purchase it. Also, another drawback for me is, it’s a bit pricey after adding in the shipping cost considering the currency exchange where I lived, and it took more than a month to arrive here because of the busy period during Christmas week where most parcels gets delayed.

Now let’s dive into the good part. I bought Eco Set Compact-Size Passion Planner (in Lavender) and I absolutely love the design and color. They have different types and sizes but this one is almost the same size as my other Moleskine journal, so it’s very handy to carry them together. I was also told that my purchase goes to a charity which makes it even more awesome. Inside, it has sections for roadmap, monthly/weekly layout and monthly reflection (which I like the most). The best thing about it is, you can customize it the way you like, so you don’t really have to follow the structured design. I strongly suggest you to browse their FacebookInstagram and hashtag: #pashfam and see how others make use of it. You’ll be amazed!

My Lavender Passion Planner and Star Wars Moleskine Journal with decorative stuff.

So, other goodies. Most planner addicts may already be familiar with all sorts of crafty stuff that goes along with their planners (be it Bujo, Hobonichi, Happy Planner, Erin Condren, etc). I’m not an expert in this area certainly, but my sister is a major hardcore planner addict, and I’m kind of lucky that she already gave me some pretty stuff like stickers, washi tapes, notecards, and other decorative items to help me customize both my planner and journal.

To complement my purpledino (yeap, that’s what I called my new planner, and no, not Barney), I bought some other functional stickers, print out some free planner templates (there’s a lot out there, really) and got some new pens. For writing and doodling, I’m using Muji gel pens, Stabilo art pens, Sharpie, Pilot ballpen, Tombow Dual ABT and Tombow Fudenosuke. I also bought a large pen case to fit them in.

My 2018 Goals

In short, this year I have quite plenty of stuff to do which freaks me out a little. Major ones of course, like every other year, are reading and writing. Other than that, I need to:

  • At least finish half of my reading for research (reading for leisure is a bonus)
  • Put a little more love and effort to my old manuscript
  • Complete my Philosophy study (and other courses that I’ve signed up if time/health permits)
  • Planning and journaling every week, including calligraphy/lettering practice
  • Less social media and be more spiritual

I also pledged not to buy more books in the first quarter to clear some of my TBR, to get only maximum of 5 games for both PC and PS4, and to write minimum of 10k words on one project. I’m practically trying to be gentler to myself, less torture and less stress. I need to also learn to forgive myself if I am unable to do what I have planned.

After about 1 week of using a planner on top of my journal, I felt that I have some sense of control over my focus for that month, day, and week rather than letting it flee or just based on my mood. Every morning when I get up, I actually know what my target for the day is, and before I go to sleep, I will log every part of my day. I will also do monthly reflection and quarterly reviewing my goals. It’s a bit tedious, but worth it. This is also probably the best way for me, ‘the biggest procrastinator’ to work on my consistency and discipline which I am usually terrible at. I hope it’ll be a good practice.

So that’s about it for my lengthy post this round. How about you? What are your major targets or goals? All in all, I wish you success to in every walk of life. May all your dreams come true 😊


(*Disclaimer: All products mentioned are self-funded, I’m not affiliated to any, and they are solely based on my personal review and usage).


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