Year 2017 Wrap Up

2017 was an okay year for me, despite having several dark episodes and sickness, along with nomadic living for most of the time. For this post, I’m just going to focus on the good things that has happened throughout the year. This time, it’ll be short and sweet 😊

  1. On Writing: I didn’t blog much in 2017, mostly because I spent my time and energy working on an old manuscript that was supposed to start sometime ago. Somehow, I only wrote about 10k+ words, and I didn’t continue further. I just happened to brainstorm again in late December, and thought of continuing in 2018. Other than that, I wrote several book reviews and a couple of my short stories were accepted and published. I also joined #igwritersdec challenge with a bunch of Instagram writers’ community.
  2. Study: I signed up to several courses that includes: Yale’s course of American Novel, Novel Writing Workshop by Steve Alcorn, MOOC Power of The Pen, and in the last quarter, several philosophy courses (which is still on-going in 2018).
  3. Creative Stuff: I managed to sell my coloring artwork, and I had a great time working on it.
  4. Health: For the first time ever in my life, I joined Zumba classes all by myself. I had a blast, but I stopped somewhere in August due to my sickness. I might start again in 2018.
  5. Games: I played several games on both PC and PS4, that includes several MMO and RPG games. I also bought some new ones. I managed to finally own a gaming laptop after months of savings and selling my Macbook.
  6. Travel: Mostly short distance road trip due to health and financial limitation. I went to Port Dickson, Johor, Malacca (twice), Bukit Tinggi and AVANI Gold Coast Sepang on my birthday.
  7. On Books: Throughout 2017, I didn’t read for fun or leisure. Most of my readings involved in research and for review. I did not clear my TBR piles, in fact, I added more piles to it and yes, I’m super guilty. [To Do: I am yet to list my 2017 Games and Books, it’s a terribly long list].
  8. Other Stuff: We managed to redo our home – stuff like fixing what’s broken, and replacing what’s old. And of course, I watched Star Wars Episode 8 on the premiere day again and bought too many tickets that I had to resell them. Honestly not going to do that again in future. The Force is just that strong!

Apart from above, I think I spent a lot in 2017 as compared to 2016. It’s not that I regretted it, but I shall be reminded not to get carried away again, save more, and that’s what I’m doing in 2018. I’ll share a couple of my 2018 goals in the next post. And it’ll be lengthy 😀

Till then, see ya! And Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Year 2017 Wrap Up

    • Farahrina Ali says:

      Thank you love! ❤ And yes, I do have more feedback and connection through Instagram writers community. In WordPress, I engaged more with like-minded bloggers, I think. Are you on IG too? Let’s keep in touch. My ID: @figurynna.

      • Farahrina Ali says:

        I saw that and approved your request.. try go with some #writers or #igwriters hashtag and there will be more branch to it. Also can be source of inspiration to see how others share their work 🙂 Welcome to the community!

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