Listen to the Rain


I don’t know if anyone love to read my stuff here – most of it kind of personal – but here I am writing more stuff, still. I can’t commit to the regular or schedule-type of postings, so blog updates usually happen based on my mood; also knowing that my weblog here will remain active as long as I kept renewing my domain every year.

I was away for a reason – I was sick. Well, that wasn’t something new if you have been following my blog for some time, you’ll know it for sure. This year particularly, I had been struggling with prolong bleeding for many months; I didn’t go to see the doctor because I was afraid they might throw me with bad news, and also I was worried I couldn’t afford the medical bills. In mid August, courage calls in, and I went for a checkup.

Immediately, the gynecologist told me I need to be admitted. After 4 years I hadn’t seen him, he was surprised that I gained lots and lots of weight. The hormonal imbalance (after my miscarriage) and depression were the main culprit. I was ashamed and I felt like I am living in someone else’s body all this while. I isolated myself from the real world.

Anyhow, to keep it short, I went through a procedure called hysteroscopy due to endopolyps growth. This is not the first time I did a scope – once I had done colonoscopy and endoscopy for different reasons. The thing is, this time, I had major pain. They injected my backbone that made me unconscious, and when I’m back conscious, I was half-numb (feels more like half-paralyze) for more than 6 hours that I couldn’t even move an inch. I could not feel my waist, my legs, and everything down below. At the same time, I struggled with the backbone and uterus pain, that I wasn’t able to walk properly for weeks. I was also told that I suffered endometrial hyperplasia.

I could say I am much better now, but I have not recovered and still on medication. I had to skip all other physical activities. Despite all of that, if I must say, there were also some good things that happened in between, such as: I had cleared all my debts, I bought a new gaming laptop, I reached 10K milestone for my novel writing, and my short story was recently selected by an art-centric website.

At the point of writing this post, it was raining, with Mogwai playlist in the background. What triggered me to write this post in the first place was when I noticed a business card in one of my book; my name was written on it when I was still working as a Project Manager in one of the firm. It made me think that my life was once good; I had climbed a high career ladder even before I was 30. It was those times when I made quite an income, my relationship was stable, my body were in a good shape; I was really a very strong and independent woman.

I was. I used to.

I stared at the downpour rain through my window. It made me ponder to the array of ‘what if?’, ‘what will?’, ‘what could have happened?’ I don’t think I am happy with myself when I think about ‘what change?’. Here I am, going to 33, jobless, struggle with sickness and obesity, struggle to keep up and rebuild my relationship, no kids, still isolating myself from everyone, and still wonder about my real existence and purpose in life. Most of my friends had moved on, and here I am still hanging. I tried to do good deeds, but it came back to feeling empty. Was it an inferiority complex, or midlife crisis, or endless depression triggers, I’d rather not know.

It somehow reminded me of Albert Camus saying: “Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?”

I’d say, I will go with cups of coffee for as long as I could.

4 thoughts on “Listen to the Rain

  1. Anonkouhai says:

    Hug sandpie 😢 im always here for you. Glad to here you are okay. I was curious about this matter for quite sometime. Since you didnt talk about it i thought you might wanna keep it by yourself so i moved on hpoing you are okay. As for your career, we probably in same state now 😅 gritting my teeth throughout this as ive been independent before my marriage. i really miss those glorious day where i can afford and go wherever i want. But i dont hate hate my life now. Simple yet fullfilling. being a freelance tho its quite hard to strike a job nowadays. Anyway im sorry for babbling here, take care sandpie and keep writing. Even if the world doesn’t read im still reading. You are the only writer that never annoy me no matter what you write.

    Love, your kouhai.

    Ps: sorry my english is just terrible.

    • Farahrina Ali says:

      Gosh, this comment is amazingly adorable, and really made me smile. Thank you so much bebeh, you are just too humble and cute! Thank you for sharing your feeling and experience, and also, thank you so much for reading. Love you always! ❤
      p/s: I know who you are 😀

  2. EJ says:

    Hi! I came across your blog when i browse through for pictures in google image & saw the one u sat at the window looking at the rain. Then i read all the things u wrote here. Happens that am in the midst of struggling to all sorts of things too. What u wrote really deep to me. I don’t know how to say it to people who asked how am i doing coz i never think that they ever understand me enough. U were right…should i just end up my life or go n have a good cup of coffee down the street. Take care…even we don’t know each other. I hope we’ll get through whatever it is in life.


    • Farahrina Ali says:

      Hi EJ! First of all, thank you for stopping by.. and I honestly appreciate you sharing it with me, it takes a real courage and strength to open up and share our feelings. Even that we don’t know each other, as you said, it feels like I have known you a long time already… through our struggle and challenge in life, that’s what connect us.

      For wherever you are, I hope you are safe and things get better for you.. yes, let’s try our best to get through this life for as much as we could. ❤

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