Bridging Life Till Mid Year 2017

I had been away from blogosphere for the past couple of months. It wasn’t really intentional because most of the time, I winded up scraping off the draft copy that I wrote and decided not to publish anything. So, here I am, back to writing about what life had been for me up until today. (Since this week WP’s Discover Challenge is about Collage, therefore I compiled all the photos in a similar form). 

Somewhere back in March, I was approached by a local publisher to share my previous book review in a translated version on their website, and so I did. It was also the month where I started to join Zumba training for the first time in my life ever; I attended the weekly classes all by myself and it was really awkward for being alone at first, but it gets better and comfortable after that. I doubted myself and thought that with the sickness I’m having, I couldn’t do it, but I was told not to force myself, to follow my own pace, and to know my limit. Eventually I made it as a fun activity — paid the gym as whenever I walked in— so it was less torturing and stressful. 

On the same month too, I finished reading Joan Anderson’s ‘A Year By The Sea’ and started reading Gayle Forman’s ‘Just One Day’ (1st book from the trilogy) and ‘Unquiet Mind’, a memoir by Kay Redfield particularly for research purposes. On most nights, I also spent my time teaming up with my gaming buddies playing The Elder Scrolls Online, but recently I played less MMO games and plunged into an old-school RPGs like Dragon Age Origins and 1st Witcher.

In April, I had this random idea that I wanted to go on a Euro Trip in the future, so I started asking around for feedback and experience from others. I was then being introduced by the same publisher to an author who wrote a fictional travelogue about her trip to Europe. I finished reading her book in about 2 weeks and ended up writing another book review of hers as requested by the publisher. In between, I happened to be feeling a little bit more generous that I also donated for a Star Wars campaign, donated to 2 orphanage houses,  pledged for a new under development MMO game, and later contributed to a local crowdfunding theatre project.   

In late May, I went for a short trip to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang — a highland well known for its French-styled hotels and Zen inspires Japanese Garden. We stayed at The Colmar Tropicale, the place which retains the European-style architecture, decorated with cobblestone courtyard and streams of cafes and restaurants around the square. At night, we were entertained by street performances and live bands. On the last day, we visited the Rabbit and Deer Park, where we were able to cuddle and feed them.

About books and writing. For the past month, I started working on one fiction project – one of which I couldn’t comprehend how and what will the final output turned to be, but up to this time, I have written approximately 8000 words and this is by far, the longest I have written in a single piece (this is also one of the reason that I wasn’t blogging, because all my energy goes to it). I would love to be able to say that I’m writing a ‘book’, but I prefer not to put any hope on it and just wanted to avoid any disappointment if it didn’t work out so well. I will continue writing this piece casually as far as I could go. Books related — despite having a huge pile of TBR, I bought another 8 new books in between 3 months, and I just couldn’t help it. 

Well, that pretty much sums up the stuff while I was away. See you guys next time! 

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