Retrospective – Wrapping Up Year 2016

One of the good things that I encountered throughout the year was about self-discovery. I spent plenty of time getting to know myself a little bit better, like things that I enjoyed having or stuff that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance. When I did a makeover to this blog this year, it was pleasing to find that writing my profile and describing more about myself was easier. 

Months ago, I wrote a post about third quarter of the year review. In this post, I’m adding more highlights to the remaining of it.  


I purchased A LOT of books in 2016. Eventually I had to buy a second shelf and piled them in my bedroom near my workstation (the first shelf was in another home office room). I also bought 24 e-books (gasp!). The genres that I bought varied from literature to young adult. I engaged towards more of literature/classics these days partly because I used to neglect reading them back in school years. 

In June 2016, I also discovered a hidden gem in Langkawi island, Malaysia – a humble bookstore by the beach that offers wide selection of various languages from around the world. It was also one of our former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir’s favourite place. 


Early in 2016, apart from completing Australia’s travelogue series, I wrote about what I have discovered in the journey of writing as a hobby and work, and about people who had inspired me in my life and in my writing. I also received a good feedback from a publisher for one of the short story that I wrote, but was told to extend it into a full manuscript. Later in 2016, I was offered to be part of an American Weekly Newsletter, WTH (Issue 51), a site for female writers community (read full interview here). And just recently, two of my poems were published in a local literature zine. My writing journey was a bit slow and slacking, but I guess it wasn’t that bad after all. A small progress is still a progress.

Interview Excerpt


We rescued a little black kitten in late November, but after about a week, an unexpected thing happened. It was also my first time to run a donation drive due to this incident. Read the full story of Kuro, the baby cat who has touched many hearts.


It’s all about the Force. I managed to secure an advance Rogue One ticket on 14th December, at 7:30 PM. It was a blast, I enjoyed the movie so much. Beside having many easter eggs, I felt that the movie was dark, gritty and fits perfectly in the saga. 

I have also added more collection of my darkside figurines, and bought some Star Wars notebooks and a moleskine journal for next year too. This year, I think I have spent more of my time playing plenty of SW games as well including the new SW Battlefront expansion, SWTOR, KOTOR series, SW The Force Unleashed and SW Galaxy of Heroes.

On 28th December however, I woke up to a sad and shocking news. RIP Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (Carrie’s mother) who died one day after Carrie’s death. The Force is strong with you my dear princess, you will always be in my heart. I will definitely cry so hard watching you and your name in Episode VIII next year.    


This year I had a simple birthday celebration, no parties or anything. Nowadays, I’d rather keep everything in moderation, but nonetheless I still had a great time. 

Other than that, one of the unforgettable moment that I experienced this year was my participation in a 5K marathon run. It was my first time to join at this age too. I never expected I could reach the finish line albeit having the sickness. I was happy to be able to accomplish something beyond my limitation, which is to me, a big thing.  

YEAR 2017

For next year 2017, I don’t actually have any New Year resolution. This time around, I’ll go with the flow. I’m going to probably try to finish reading the books that I bought this year and shorten the TBR list; perhaps try to learn a proper way to write book reviews too so that I could share my favourite reads. I may also continue to complete my research work and book study before diving forward into writing my manuscript. At the moment, I don’t have any concrete deadline for this project, and I’m taking small steps, one at a time. 

Essentially, I believe what scares me the most is thinking about the entire life phases. Maybe I have to stop ignoring my sickness and actually build the courage to go for a thorough checkup or try to do something about it. I have to also start looking for a permanent job (if the health permits) so that I could afford to pay all the medical bills. After that gets settled, it’s time to start to rethink about building a family. These kind of things can be a little bit stressful and painful to digest but it’s the reality that I have to face and could not escape for long. We’ll see how that goes.

Wishing everyone have a great New Year. What’s your New Year’s resolution? I love to read about people’s life goals and accomplishment, it’s inspiring! 


“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.” – Virginia Woolf

♫ Currently Listening: ‘The Air That I Breathe’ – The Hollies


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