Mind The Gap: The Years of Blogging

I created this blog back in February 2013. I couldn’t remember why and how I decided to blog, or if there’s anything particular that influenced me. I went to search from this blog’s archives to read the first thing that I posted. I had many sort of feelings when reading it — hilarious for the way my writing was, as if I was talking to myself when I wrote them without expecting anyone to read. I was highly ambitious for some reason that I made a long list of New Year’s resolution. I also noticed some things hadn’t change, like in the very first post, I had an excerpt of quotes and a link to the song that I liked. I still do the same now. I am still the same person I was, today.

My first attempt in creating a blog was way before 2013. It was a little dark and gothic. I only wrote short notes and I shared my drawings. But it wasn’t for long that I decided to abandon it and start something new. I came up with a manifesto about the change. This blog started with the name: ‘Coffee and The Sky’, following the same domain name. I came up with that name for the reason of my irresistible love for coffee and nature. It was a good start. The retrospective section was what I mostly posted about — they were monthly reviews and flashback of what had happened in my life. It was like an online diary. I had a small pool of readers and I was happy.

Until shit happens. My life went down the drain and I didn’t feel like doing monthly postings anymore. I wasn’t interested in sharing about my life tragedies even though there were few posts about it here. My energy drained and I stopped writing. I disappeared for couple of months. I no longer share about my life regularly. This was the time when blogging was a real challenge. To quit, or not to. 

Then came to a point where I feel I didn’t want to disappoint fellow readers. It was the year where I began to get more involved in the field of writing professionally and creatively as a side hobby. It was also the time where some friends came to me and told me that they read my travelogue and used them as their guide to plan their travels. This literally changed me. I couldn’t help to ignore. I didn’t want to trash my entire blog site either. So I came up with another plan, sketched some diagrams and sitemap about stuff I wanted to put up and I revamped the entire blog. I changed the domain from ‘Coffee and The Sky’ to my own name. This blog then became a weblog of a writer’s profile and portfolio. I took some parts in creative writing side as well and from that moment onward, the blog started to revive again. 

This blog now turned to be more generic — about writing, travel, books and certain things about my life experience. I used this platform to practice my English writing too (English isn’t my native language) and also to connect with other authors and bloggers. I joined many writing groups as well as participated in some writing challenges. I also posted about why I enjoyed writing and blogging. The thing is, I didn’t set any specific time frame or regular scheduled postings, therefore I am a bit free to write as when I feel that I need to, but at the same time making sure I didn’t neglect and abandon it like before. There are days and time when there’s absolutely nothing to write about, and that’s okay. 

But seeing how the blog progresses, from day one, makes me feel that I am going one step ahead in bridging the gaps that I encountered before. 

> Watch Ira Glass’ sayings about creative gap. It’s inspiring.

Mind the Gap

2 thoughts on “Mind The Gap: The Years of Blogging

  1. NK says:

    It’s always interesting to look at our own journeys and even better to find a post like this that reminds other bloggers, like me, that we’re all finding our way. We don’t have to be rigid. But we can be. And we can allow our blogs to change and grow and serve different purposes, too. Thank you for the thoughtful post!

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