Western Australia (Part 4 and Final) – The Nature

(Note: Before you start reading this, read Part One, Two, Three)

My 9-day trip to WA was well-spent. Aside from the travelling period, there were those days where I was occupied with the art festival, writer’s workshop, and some other activities while at the same time getting familiar with the surroundings. There were also days where I did absolutely nothing but just lounging around the coffee bars with my book. The remaining days were spent on hitting the road to endure the phenomenal nature of WA.

After I had the blast excitement watching a movie from the rooftop, I discovered another place to entertain the desire. It was an outdoor cinema, located at Mosarts near Lochee St. in the heart of Mosman Park. I had a Japanese take-out from the nearby restaurant, ‘Wok and Roll’ before the movie started. The Camelot Outdoor Cinema had an intimate setting inside the limestone, walled gardens. I watched the movie ‘Wild’: about a woman who went solo hiking through Pacific Crest Trail to recover from personal tragedy. I could definitely relate my experience with the movie plot. Not only the movie was great (and I’ve watched it 4 times to-date), the weather was pleasant too that night; there were also cushions, warm blanket and beanbags, and I was sitting under the empty sky filled with thousands of sparkling and shimmering stars.

I was wonderfully blessed.

On 26-Feb-15, I considered the day as the #yolo day. Although there wasn’t any fixed itinerary during the entire trip, the journey and the activity on this particular day happened almost naturally. I bumped into a local who suggested to experience the north-side of WA, since I had mostly explored the southern part. I ended up at Hillarys Boat Harbour. Apart from walking along the harbour and wandering around the Sorrento Quay Boardwalk, I spent the day visiting the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) that showcases the unique marine life and coral reefs from WA’s 12,000 km coastline. There were several exhibits including the tunnel walkthrough, underwater gallery and outdoor marine park to interact with the animals.

Watch some the short video footage that I recorded:

Later that day, I was in the bus and train from North returning to the hotel, but I made an unexpected switch and took another train ride. My Transperth ticket time limit was almost over, but I risked it and neglected the rational mind. It was by coincidence the best, deranged last-minute decision that I eventually ended up being at the coastal suburb in the Northwest. At the end of the day, I landed my foot on the white sand of Scarborough Beach. Just in time, I was greeted by the glorious sunset.

My exploration didn’t end there. On another day, I made up my mind to extend the adventure deeper into the north-side. This round, the journey was time-consuming from the place I stayed; in between walking, I had to take a bus, train, and another two busses again. As mentioned in the earlier post, I basically relied all my navigation via Google Map, which was quite accurate.

Google Map

How I planned my route

That early afternoon, I reached Whiteman Park, a 4000-hectare bushland area. I think this is my most-favourite suburb, although it was a bit deserted along the way before reaching here. I felt attached to it simply because of the beauty laid out by the nature itself: the cloudless sky is as blue as morning glories, and the deep greenery of the trees blends perfectly well.

I was warmly welcomed by an elder man near the entrance. He accompanied me for a short walk while we were having a friendly chat. He drove me into the park by an old bus. I finally arrived at my destination: the Caversham Wildlife Park, a park owned by a local family. The entrance ticket is a one-time fee; once you set your foot inside, there were no other charges including taking photos.

Finally a photo of me and my best friend.

Here, you could basically watch all the adorable animals that represent different parts of Australia. And it wasn’t just a meet where you need to stand 100 metres apart from the cage — this is the place where the animals roamed free. You get to touch, pat, feed and cuddle them. There were wallabies and kangaroos leaping through the park, and flock of birds strolling around the air. There were wombats, possums, horses, reptiles, eagles and koalas. There were various shaded areas around the park, but were mostly an outdoor environment. Again, the universe and weather were on my side — it was bright sunny sky throughout that day. The interactive experience with the animals was the best I’ve ever had. It’s a must-visit place, and if you don’t believe me, you may check out the reviews.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy my Western Australia travelogue series (read full series HERE). Hopefully some of the travel tips and places provided in the posts were informative and essential for your future travel plans. Have a wonderful trip and happy exploration fellow travellers! Till next time! 🙂

Here’s my most-favourite!

Travel Tips:

  • If you happen to be in WA somewhere between September to December, you get to experience whale-watching at AQWA.
  • At Sorrento Quay Boardwalk, there’s a vintage corner-lot shop that sells new books outside the shop at a very cheap price. I bought a wooden board with printed quotes and the Lord of The Rings box set books there!
  • If you’d like to watch all the shows at Caversham Wildlife Park, I recommend you to be there in the morning. I spent almost the entire day at the park, and I had a great time. Foods were also provided for you to feed the animals.
  • Bring a water bottle especially when you’re mostly on foot — it can be blazingly hot on some of the days during summer.


No travel sponsorship or affiliate marketing involved in my WA travelogue series. This is a self-funded trip and all words and reviews were based on my personal experience. All photos and videos were captured via my iPhone and belonged to me (except for Matilda Bay Restaurant). Feel free to share the content but I truly appreciate everything is credited back to me. Thank you!  


“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.”

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