Beginning of New Year 2016

My very first post of the year.

On New Year’s Eve, I browsed all over the social network reading my friends’ New Year’s Resolution. I love to read everyone’s accomplishments, their good and bad memories and their new determination; mostly because I love seeing how people perceive to commit to a change or planning to improve their lives for better. It’s also true that you can do that at anytime of your lives without waiting for new year, but the actual transition is what makes it worth to see.

This year, I skipped making any new resolutions. I made a long list of that almost every year – sometimes I took it way too much, or stretched them into so much detail that eventually it left me with nothing but off-track, lost of energy and the vibe of motivation to proceed. By mid year, I felt overwhelmed and blamed myself for not having to achieve anything. In 2015, my only hope was to focus on Books and Writing, and the rest just happened whenever I had the urge to pursue anything. I felt better, simpler and actually appreciate myself even more. I didn’t have any specific milestones or targets, but I do know what I wanted to do throughout the year and all I did was just enjoying the journey and process in between without worrying too much about the end result.

Inside my left Vader journal, I wrote all about my life chapters in 2015. There had been many ups and downs, including:

  1. Dealing with stress, depression and poor health
  2. Managed to do a second solo travel – 9 days to Western Australia
  3. Quit my old job – the last was in Project Management
  4. Revamped my blog and created this writer’s portfolio website
  5. Bought abundant of fiction and self-help books
  6. Learned meditation and practiced light yoga
  7. Watched ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ during premiere
  8. Wrote several anthologies and sent to publishers
  9. Received my first rejection slip

My right C3PO journal (they are both from Moleskine) is for 2016 with fresh new chapters to be written inside. This year in 2016, I am hoping to continue from what I did last year:

  1. Practice more meditation/yoga (maybe do some sketch/coloring too)
  2. Listen to motivational podcasts
  3. Start to shorten my TBR list of books
  4. Blog more – participate in blogging 101, writing 101, etc
  5. Submit more writing entries to publishers
  6. Finishing the translation reading of Quran
  7. Find some ideas for my first book, while learning the craft of creating
  8. Watch ‘Rogue One’ (in other country if permits)
  9. Generate some income from multiple sources

The struggle that I had was usually this major three –> procrastination, self-discipline and depression. They are the infectious illness that I will want to continue finding the cure. This article about depression was my first reference to acknowledge that I suffered it before; and will continue learning to be mindful and deal with it.

Above all, I would want to try keeping myself away from being stressful as what the doctor had advised. I need to practice kindness towards myself. My health wasn’t at its best condition and I need to fix that too. Most importantly, I want to learn to be HAPPY and be more comfortable and content with what I already have in my life.

Here’s a playlist from an indie movie that I watched – Little Miss Sunshine. It has a great soundtrack and a simple, yet powerful plotline. A great saying that came from the movie: ‘Do what you love, and fuck the rest’.

Happy New Year, Happy New Chances, Happy New You.

“Do you know what a loser is? A real loser is somebody who is so afraid of not winning they don’t even try.” – Little Miss Sunshine

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