Writing 101 – Serially Lost

Prompt #4: “Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t anymore. The twist – Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.

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PART 1: Lost Freedom of Choices

I skipped this prompt previously, primarily because my mind was so depressed by the loss I had a year ago. The painful memory teared me down, but I was lucky to get many wonderful support. I chose not to stress myself with the subject given and I finally gained the strength to go along with this challenge, with a slight twist to the story of a loss.

During my junior years back in school, I was blessed with the good skills in drawings and essay writings. I worshipped both classes, and I was favoured by the subject teachers. I jumped like a kid in a pool of candies; over any homework or projects given involving both. My friends were annoyed when I suggested ideas for Essay Competitions, or when I raised my hand enthusiastically for volunteers to paint pictures on school walls. During exams for both subjects, I’d raised my hand for extra blank papers – I wanted to give as much as I could during the limited time. I didn’t have many friends, except those who shared the same passion. It never bothered me for not being the popular kid.

In the senior year, we were briefed for our major classes for the next 2 years. I was informed by the school that they assigned me into Science class and many students were overjoyed for getting the same. I screamed with a broken heart. I went back home and cried again after telling my parents. They both were proud of my achievement in school (during that period of time, whoever gets into Science were labeled as “brainy”). I felt it was the worst day of my entire life. I tried sending appeal letters to change my course but it was never approved (or no one really cares for that matter). I left with no choice but to move on and forget about my bristle paintbrushes.

After the final exam ended, the school board had given me the opportunity to participate in a career talk. It was organized for students to have better exposure to the ‘real-life world’ and helped them determine their choice of subjects in college. I signed up as a ‘veterinarian’ and my application was successful. I managed to gain 3 months experience working with zookeepers, learning medical terms and assisting senior vets to treat sick animals in our National Zoo.

Prior to the application for university, I had a second thought. Biology or medical wasn’t really my desire. I missed my stained watercolour palette or my box of hundred colour pencils. I missed writing for school magazines. I would never have imagined there were such careers in both, and societies confirmed it (or lied about it) – that I will never have a future or stable careers as an artist or writer. I was dictated to sign up for IT/Computer courses as they would bring more food on the plate. I had a rough time with my family too. I LOST MY FREEDOM OF CHOICE. FOR THE SECOND TIME.

Fast forward to now, I have worked for 8 years – none of them were related to art or writing.

But here I am still. Writing this challenge.


7 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Serially Lost

  1. ninakimani11 says:

    Am sorry about that. I know the feeling of being hindered to pursue whatever your heart is into. It’s a really frustrating moment when no one seem to care about your choices but glad you are onto blogging doing what you love. All the best.

  2. jenz says:

    the ‘road’ not taken.. lets gain back on that ‘loss’ and claim the ‘road’..its neva too late..somehow, u’re not the only one the society confirmed to (or lied to) the wrong choices..keep hitting those ‘keys’, u’re really good in this..:)

  3. itsjustlittleoldme says:

    Keep writing. One day you could get there!
    I’ll enjoy your writing 🙂
    It’s just a shame that everyone seemed to choose what you were meant to do with your life.

  4. lilypup says:

    It sounds like you are young enough to change a lot of your life circumstances. I hope you will be able to find the right path. You did a good job on the prompt. Loss of a dream is definitely a loss. lily

  5. Priceless Joy says:

    I’m truly sorry to hear that you didn’t get to have a say on your chosen career path. I truly hope doors open for you to move into the career of your choice. Meanwhile, keep writing, drawing, and painting – you’ll just get better and better at it. 🙂

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