Book Stories of Storybooks

This is my first post in Year 2015 and I’m glad that 2014 is finally over. Not that I could anticipate the new chapter will have a definitive and perfect story-line, but relatively I am capable to hit the refresh button once more, and at the same time having considerate hopes and downsizing the expectations. No aggressive New Year’s resolution or 1 million bucket list of things would be made, except that my target will be narrowed down into 2 things this year – Books and Writing.

Beginning the first month of the year, I will initiate about the books.

In December 2014 before Christmas, I spent almost 4 hours in a “Big Bad Wolf Book Sale”, searching for something new and great to be read (or in my case, to be collected). I stood at the entrance at 8:00 AM on Thursday, still uncongested, in a chilling convention hall. I was even luckier that it was a ‘happy hour’ sale of random books at the entrance. Thousands of books were lying around, some left scattered altogether at one corner and the rest were categorized by specific genres.

A day before the book fair, I established my groundwork with a long wish list from their web search and bought a small trolley to alleviate the haul of heavy books. To some extent, the book-hunting mission became strenuous after 2 hours of strolling and swirling eyes. When you could no longer reach the books with your hand, and having painful shoulders being knocked by someone else’s, that’s a sign from the universe that the growing, tremendous crowd started to hate you, and it’s time to give up and leave.

After exited the hall, we were later blown away by another zone of all-terrific posters and tin signs displayed for sale; varied from movies, music, art, motivational quotes, etc. It was a space-float moment for a poster-lover like me to be surrounded by such attractive walls.

In the end, I wasn’t able to cross out all my wish list, but I was contented to be home with brand-new 27 books, free bookmarks and a poster. The total cost for the books were only MYR219 (about USD3 a book!). It was definitely worth the bargain.


The book story didn’t end there.

From there on, I exchanged my story with the Book Exchange Club members (which I had recently joined). The community consisted of friendly bookworms that never fail to excite you about the book reviews, insightful topics and book exchange. Observing the disorganize new books around my staircase, it reminisces to the moment of how I started to fall in love with books and libraries in the first place when I was still young; and that was inspired by Roald Dahl. Eventually, I got carried away with the moment and bought a new box set of RD’s for MYR159 (AP: MYR543) from one of the book club member.

My crucial obsession continues. A week later, I ordered another pile of books from an online bookstore. The delivery took 3 weeks of vigorous waiting and cursing. And finally they arrived!

With the new books stockpiled like a Christmas tree, I had to deal with another trouble to find a new ‘home’ for the books. It took me half day merely to rearrange the space-limited bookshelf and had all books sorted out and categorized.

Like a joyful kid in the Willy Wonka’s factory, I am now blessed with all the new books. After the worth bargain, I’m happy to be curled up in books that are ready to be picked and read at any point of time. Thanks to Austin Kleon for the insane number of book records, I would dedicate myself for 8 books to be read in 2015 for a start. While enjoying the books, I have to lock myself out from the pitfall of spoilers and movie teasers.

Additional Bonus: Another 2015 Darth Vader Journal that I received from my friend as a Christmas present. After all, being a flaky book collector wasn’t that awful I guess? 🙂

Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Share with me and other readers on books that you would recommend to read, and books that you are planning to read for this year.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Farahrina has
read 0 books toward her goal of 8 books.


“Collect books, even if you don’t plan on reading them right away. Nothing is more important than an unread library.” – John Waters

6 thoughts on “Book Stories of Storybooks

  1. searchingforsubstance says:

    wow 27 books in one trip?! that’s awesome!!!!
    my problem is we keep buying books and have no time to read them!
    but my goal is one book a month, so hopefully i can keep my resolution.
    i always enjoy meeting other bookworms. =)

    also let me know how The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom is! I enjoyed his first few books but the one before Time Keeper not as much.

  2. Natalie DeYoung says:

    Whoa. All those books struck my book-lover’s heart to the center. Thank you for sharing about such a magical place! Haha.

  3. Suz says:

    Hello there, fellow coffee lover and bookworm! 😀
    Yes likewise here, during the past couple months, I’ve been on an insane book shopping spree, even more so after joining the same Book Exchange Club. Talking to the members, be in on the FB page or the monthly meets, about books really spurred me to get all the books I could. Not to mention that I also exchanged/bought second hand for cheap many many titles that were already on my wishlist. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only person crazy enough to go through 150+ pages on the BBW website to do some groundwork and come up with a list! I returned after 10+6 hours with 55+11 books in tow (2 trips) from BBW, all for about close to RM600 which is, as you said, was definitely worth the bargain. And where did you get all those Watterson comic volumes?? They are crazy expensive!! I indulged and took a closer look of your shelves, seems like we also have very similar reading taste. 🙂 Glad to find a fellow book and coffee-obsessed here, good luck with your 2015 reading challenge and looking forward to more of your writing!

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