Mid Year (2014) Flashback and Loving Things Lately

Fasting month (‘Ramadan’) is coming to an end again this year and it’s time to welcome another ‘Hari Raya’ (Eid) celebration. Doesn’t time flies? It felt like just yesterday that I wrote a correlative post about the celebration.

Sighting through this blog, I realized I have published darker-shades of posts recently. Here and now, we were impacted by the terrifying news about the Flight MH17, even though Flight MH370 unresolved puzzle still remains. So in a way, I don’t really blame myself for having such a dreadful emotions after all.

People change and things go wrong, but life goes on.

From a brighter side, here are some of my dazzling moments recently:


Germany’s Victory (Brazil 2014 World Cup) YES, I favored the Team without fail in every match, and NO, I am not from Germany nor discriminating other Team (I wondered why people kept asking me that?). Despite the gloomy news lately, they have at least splashed some rainbows to the darker shades of my life. (P/S: I could not resist their photo in suits, sorry not sorry it was intentional).

Baby PlantsNeedless to say, I am the proud owner of these baby herb plants, ranging from Basil, Thyme and Parsley. In the beginning, I wasn’t so convinced to ‘adopt’ them due to our country’s crazy weather (extreme humid or endless rain), however they’ve planted a smile in my heart. Just look at how much they’ve grown in a short time frame.

Weekend GetawayStrolled down to a southern state in ‘Malacca’ and stayed at a ravishing heritage hotel. I considered myself to be lucky because the hotel management granted a complimentary room upgrade which was triple the actual room rates from earlier reservation. They also provided a special service: ‘Mandi Bunga’ (flower bath) in a traditional bathtub. Best feeling? Hell, yeah!

Service was acceptable (even though their menu lack of varieties), but their breakfast buffet was somewhat delicious. The location is within vicinity of other tourist spots (close to the city and beach), with plenty of local delicacies and seafood restaurants nearby. (Try this – ‘Klebang’ Coconut Milkshake).


(Click on photo for larger view)

New Haircut Nothing fancy but with valid reasons that I like to switch the mood once in a while. It felt awkward for having hair bangs once again, but here goes. This is also particularly dedicated to a friend of mine who insisted having me to put more recent photos of myself on the blog, which something that I am reluctant to. “Girl, I know you are reading this… and quit that smirking!”


Some other stuff:

  • ‘Springpad’ Migration – As much as I highly recommended this app as compared to ‘Evernote’, it came to such a disappointment after the company announced their shutdown, which means that all my notes were migrated back to ‘Evernote’ (duh!)
  • New ‘Twitter’ – So I don’t really know how to tweet like a bird, and I am also being a late-bird for just registering new account. What’s so special about Twitter? Perhaps I was being left-out and helpless with the trending. Care to share with me some insights of Twitter, Dear Chirpies?
  • Liberal Arts (Movie) – Caught in a moment where my heart desires to restart my life once more (hmm..quarter life crisis again?). So I re-watched the movie for the third time. It brought my self-reflect perspective about life in 20’s and 30’s and particularly also because it’s an intelligent piece of art (directed by Josh Radnor, you know ‘Ted’ in HIMYM). I urge you to find some time to check it out if you haven’t, and here’s the review. You will not regret.
  • Camp ‘Nanowrimo’ – To all Novel writers, need I blurb more about this?

And here are some interesting reads:


“The other day I was crossing the street, lost in my head about something – a not uncommon state of affairs. I was listening to the overture and as the music began to swell I suddenly realized that: I had hands. And legs, and a torso, and that I was surrounded by people and cars. It’s hard to explain exactly what happened, but I felt in that moment that the divine – however we may choose to define such a thing – surely dwells as much in the concrete and taxi cabs as it does in the rivers, lakes, and mountains. Grace, I realized, is neither time nor place dependent. All we need is the right soundtrack”. – Liberal Arts

♫  Currently Listening: The Decemberists – Don’t Carry It All


6 thoughts on “Mid Year (2014) Flashback and Loving Things Lately

    • figurynna says:

      So does mine Brit! My only hope was for the rain and sunshine to keep them safe and grown, well of course, I talked to them too, asking them to be well-behaved 😛

  1. Robin says:

    This post is an interesting idea. My word for the year is “reflection”, but I hadn’t thought to look at the past six months as a whole.

    The Malaysian plane accidents are so tragic; and I hope that they one day solve the mystery surrounding Flight 370. I tried to help search on Tomnod for a while.

    I love the smell of fresh herbs and I love cooking with them. Alas, I always end up killing my plants.

    I’ve never seen Liberal Arts, but I am going to try to watch it. Hopefully, it is On Demand or Netflix.

    I have a Twitter account, but I don’t really get Tweeting. I have enough trouble keeping up with blogging and Facebook.

    I like your bangs 🙂

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