Blogging vs Writing – Why I Started to Blog and Love to Write.


With all due respect, I idolize people who could write blog posts daily or weekly on a long-term basis. I presume it’s either they have plenty of spare time or lesser life commitments; or perhaps know how to manage their time well by putting aside few extra hours a day for their blog. Or it could possibly be that blogging is their full time job. Despite everything, I admire the dedication and passion.

I discovered many types of blogs (and online articles) – From personal stories, tips and tricks, to major source of information. I learnt ample of new stuff and I became a reader to these. Many were fascinating and inspiring, but some were just blogging for the sake of, well you know. Others treated their blog as a challenge to themselves, or as a life promises to their hungry subscribers.

Personally, I don’t set any target. I write at my own pleasure. I blog as when I feel the moment is right. I write when I couldn’t keep up with the pile of words running in my head, and it feels like I just need to spill it out. Either it has to be chatting with friends, or at times, through story-telling, like this.

I do have a journal in which I still love to write in a traditional-way (pen and papers). In this book, I write important events or things that I need to remember. Every now and then, I jot down ideas for the blog, a checklist of to-dos, or things that I’d wish to have. My memory is poor at remembering things, so these are my life-savers. Every so often, I forgot names too but I still remember the faces, and how these people have become chapters of my life.

During school years, I enjoyed essay writings. It was my favorite subject and the best section in exam papers. Words and papers aroused me. The finest part was, I scored good results in these and took part in many competitions (other than arts). I treasured books too, but I’d rather be calling myself as a book-collector instead of a book-reader. To me, library was like heaven. A park with huge trees was like a tremendous pit-stop. Likewise, my bedroom was also one of my top choices, where I could just be by myself, so be it.

Growing up, I kept questioning myself the reason for not signing up to journalism or art courses; for I know that was my passion and believe that I’m good at those when I was still young. Life can be funny and weird at the same time, because I finished my study doing Software Engineering instead. Perhaps, it was my parents’ decision, or IT was the popular choices during that time. I enrolled for majoring in Graphic Design during my second year of study, however it was an unfortunate moment for me when the University decided to drop the course due to insufficient number of application in that particular year. True story.

So here I am in my reality – Landed in an IT job and living within a corporate world. I got to admit that I hate programming languages and coding so much that I wish I’d rather die instead of writing a line of code. For me, it has been approximately 7-8 years of working in many companies, and still surviving. At present, part of my job was to write up (in human language) new policies and improve the processes for the organization. Others were about writing progress report for hundreds of projects (well, something like that, but writing in a formal way).

Okay, what about blog then? Blogging was like a platform where I could finally write something informal; a place of joy and freedom where I could release my sincere thoughts and what I am passionate about. Basically, it’s a place where I could find the peace of writing.

Aside from that, I blog just because of these:

  • Documenting my life journey – So I could keep track of events that has happened in my life, be it a good or bad memories. I’m terrible at memorizing things, remember? 🙂
  • Improve my writing skills – Not to the extent of turning bombastic, but at minimal, I could learn some new words, or improve my English vocabulary.
  • Meet new friends outside my circle – I taught myself by reading other blogs as well, and the best part was to be able to communicate with people who might have similar interests.
  • Place for my story-telling – I could write up to 3-4 paragraphs in my social networking apps like Facebook or Google+, but I guess a blogging platform is still a winner for sharing stories.
  • Personal reviews/suggestions – Occasionally, I’d share some book review and web links that I like, or amazing places that I’ve been to with some tips and tricks. And in most posts, I’d have my personal favorites of quotes and music.

 And I don’t blog for:

  • Money – Some friends were telling me to make money out of my blog, however that’s not my main intention. I don’t sell stuff here, and I don’t like having product advertisements in my personal space, at least not for now. Maybe forever.
  • Attention – I don’t write or blog as an attention seeker. It doesn’t raise much concern to me of having thousands of subscribers or becoming most-famous blogger of the year. For most part, I don’t hunt for the fame. Preferably, I’d rather have a close pool of readers and loyal friends who would love to exchange their experiences. That’s all that matters to me.
  • Photos with no contents – I think this is relevant only for photographers’ portfolio. There are many other ways for bloggers to share their stack of photos, either link it to a gallery, through 500px, Flickr, Instagram and others.


Eventually, some part of me still wishing or thinking that I’d suppose to wind up as a lifetime writer/editor, but at the moment, I still blog and write in a folksy way. What about you? Why do you like to blog or write and still couldn’t get enough out of it? Share with me your stories.


6 thoughts on “Blogging vs Writing – Why I Started to Blog and Love to Write.

  1. ComaDiary says:

    I blog when I have too many thoughts, it started as an online sketchbook and now almost resembles an investigation into my own art and life balance, or just my messy human stuff, with excessive photos at times…

  2. M. L. Sexton says:

    I started blogging because my decision to major in journalism hasn’t panned out for me. It’d an outlet to put my journalistic styles to use and hone them for when the day comes that I can use them what they are intended for.

  3. Natalie DeYoung says:

    I think of myself more as a writer than a blogger. More like a writer who happens to blog.
    The two are very different…

  4. tedstrutz says:

    Hi Rynna… I enjoyed your post and seeing Calvin & Hobbs again. Years ago, I saw a woman’s blog, who chronicled her daily life with stories, poems, photos and observations. I was enthralled, and thought it would be a fun thing to try. I had decided it was time to start doing some different things with my life… I’m 70 now… so I signed up for a blog but didn’t know what the hell to do. Shortly after that I saw a Plinky Prompt… What landmark did you find disappointing when you saw it in person? … and went for it. Here it is…… I mostly wrote memoir and observation stories. I started coming across writing group prompts and decided to give it a go… being a fiction writer. Scary, but rewarding. I write for myself, but like to share with others… my granddaughters are writing stories for me when I can twist their arms. I also have a ‘pic of the day’ type blog. And yes, you do meet some pretty interesting people here and make some good friends, so there’s that.

  5. TheJackB says:

    I blog every day and I do it on multiple blogs because I have too many stories that I just can’t keep in. I work full time, am married and a father. It is not hard to find time when you love what you are doing, you just prioritize and make it happen.

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