Quick Recap – Beginning of Year 2014

My life is a series of random events.

They appeared to be happening unintentionally despite the fact that it is only the beginning of New Year. Tolerably, I was all through my New Year’s goals for the period of January with several other surprising spillovers bumped in February. I supposed this year around I won’t be able to do monthly reviews similar to what I did last year.

I’ve written many articles personally for this blog honestly, however it wasn’t being published. I have no concrete reason for it, only primarily because I presume the time isn’t always right. Many of the completely-written and perfectly-edited articles were still buried in my laptop. I will post them publicly when the moment is acceptably ideal.

To be frank, I hate to procrastinate (especially towards my blog), therefore I have affirmed myself that I will definitely be here – continue with my random article writings and blog posts about my life, my feelings and my perception. Even when there are no readers, even if the frequencies are not extreme. I will not stop writing, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless, here’s the abstract version for the story of my life during the first 2 months:

  • I stumbled upon ‘Yeah Write’. I took the first opportunity sharing my stories to whole other pool of readers and participated in their writing challenge (you’d be able to find me being listed among others, and I’d be honest about this: They are a bunch of excellent writers, who wrote fresh and splendid articles almost every week). Go check them out.
  • Reading challenge. After a writing challenge, why not go for reading? Here’s my ‘2014 Goodreads’ Reading Challenge‘. Altogether, challenge accepted!

Next in the list: My 2014 goals, which were directed towards Health and Financial.

Health Perspective

Things became complicated in February, but I’m still glad that January was a decent month in terms of health. I started to exercise more: I went for brisk walking, jogging around neighborhood, playing badminton, and following fitness routines. I spent some of my savings to purchase basic sport equipment, I captured my running pace and I was indeed becoming addicted to these new routines.

My daily food intake was as usual, however I consumed more healthy food and making plenty of mix juices by myself. In actual fact, I wrote a similar post previously, and I’ll share more of the progress in my subsequent stories.

Financial Management

Likewise, I have to admit I’m not the expert in this area.

The good news was, in January, I have successfully terminated one of my credit card, although I do have several other debts to juggle with. If you’ve been reading about my journey last year towards killing the haunted cards and minimizing my debt, this was one of the milestones. I’ll share some of the experiences, perhaps in one of my future posts. It was also a combination of luck, support, savings, plenty of calculation, and most importantly, patience. And I’m still working hard on it.


Favorite stuff? Okay here’s few that I like:

  • Presents: My favorite gift (a mixer and a food processor). I can smile broadly now and cross out one of the item in my wish list.

  • Travel Reads: I discovered another amazing travel blogger; “Adventurous Kate” and I’ll certainly be adding her in my favorite bucket list.
  • Movies: I watched another so-called adventurous movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, and I especially love the quotes from the movie. Another local movie that I watched in early February was a Malaysian-Chinese movie, “The Journey”. It was a hilarious movie without omitting the element of love, family and relationship between 2 different cultures.


  • Apps: Spotted 2 favorite productivity apps – ‘Springpad’ and ‘Evernote’. My personal pick would be Springpad, mostly because of the interface (Read more of their reviews).
  • Moments: Last but not least, my most favorite day was on 10-Feb, enjoying the moment of simplicity with angelic love: Our 2 Years Anniversary.


That’s pretty much the recap of my life so far, more of my life series coming up in next posts. Hope your New Year begins with joy and filled with good memories. Remember that every single day will be a new start, just embrace the moment.

“There are real villains in this world. But they don’t always get real justice, do they? You want to believe karma’s gonna get them. But karma doesn’t always come through. I guess you have to accept that sometimes in life you just don’t get that knockout punch” –  ‘The Mother’ from How I Met Your Mother

Currently Listening: The Shins – Simple Song

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