Envious or Desirous over Someone’s Life?

In many instances, social media may contribute to a contradictory feeling of jealousy and admiration. Come to pass, I was scheming through the net to contrive for a couple of inspirational reading, and my surveillance disembarked to a page of an amazing globetrotter, which convinced me to explore more about her biography. I’m not a stalker utterly, but I just got excited. You perceive you can’t control that eagerness when you found someone who has similar interests and personalities like you; the only difference is that, she’s living a life that you’ve always dream of, and you’re not.

After leafing through her public profiles all over (I doubt the public viewing was done intentionally so that others can be amazed of how great her life is), I started to feel the sense of envy, although she became my persuasive person primarily. She resembled the person of whom I was meant to be, and how I wish I could pursue her steps.

Constantly thereafter, I discovered she came from a blooming, wealthy family background. More or less, she had everything covered for her to sign up to all the things she wanted to do at a very early stage of her life. Gradually you’ll start noticing there are no more similarities compared to your life and the gap is becoming substantial. Her house that she’s living in would be adequate to alleviate my entire life (perhaps my grandkids’ life too?), and that’s when I started to think that reality in some cases, doesn’t make any sense. I believe it’ll probably took me 20 years or more to the point I could stand at where she is right now. I was so envious of her world, rather than feeling inspired. At that point of time, depression overpowered the passion.

There’s a divergence between a person who can inspire you, and a person who can just leave you with an awful feeling of jealousy.

A person who inspires you ordinarily signifies their affection through their journey of life. Essentially they learnt from the hard way through many difficulties and challenges. They started from the bottom. They circumstantiate their best effort through experiences and they seldom back down. And the terrific part is, they shared in full honesty their true life stories concerning at which point their hard work pays off.

I have a bucket of inspirational names in my list, which I frequently read before my bedtime or during those gloomy days. I love stealing their life interpretations and imitating their suggestions. I love how they changed my lifestyle – It’s the moment you’ll realize you are a different person, in a better way.

Do you ever have such mixed feelings?

Does their story come to an end with a discouraged feeling that makes you hate your life so much? Or does their story affects you in a way you’ve never imagined having to love more about yourself after that?

The desirous defeat the envious. It’s never wrong to feel inspired, it’s a good start.

Share the list of your inspirational people so that others can read about it. You’ll never know how many lives you’ve changed in the end, perhaps yours are one of it.

“Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies” – Elizabeth Bowen

8 thoughts on “Envious or Desirous over Someone’s Life?

  1. Natalie DeYoung says:

    I go through this a lot. There’s a fine line between inspired and jealous, and I take it to the jealous side far too often.

    • figurynna says:

      Natalie, I absolutely agree with you. It’s hard for me especially during my younger age when I was searching for my way stepping into the challenging adulthood. The jealousy emotion tends to bring your life further down, and somehow I realized it’s not worth to be miserable because of others.

    • figurynna says:

      Yes, at times it does isn’t it? Especially when the time you failed at something you did the best out of your time, and getting to know others can easily achieve it at a snap of finger. It’s hard to accept, but it makes you grow wiser and learn how to be grateful.

      Thank you Robin for sharing. I’m definitely going to read more about her, and Yeah Write does have many many amazing, eye-opening writers 😀

  2. zoe says:

    Im fairly lucky. jealousy is not something I experience often. Fatigue with my own situation some times but not really envious of anothers… I don’t necessarily think that is all that common and Im not sure why I don’t experience that either… hmmmmm….now you made me think… hey, inspired me even! (I didn’t mean for that to work out that way but it just did! HA!)

    • figurynna says:

      You are really lucky, indeed it shows how strong your willpower is! (now I’m envy.. haha kidding!) 😛

      I felt tired of my life sometimes too, and jealousy will just make it even worst. Now I’ve learnt to appreciate more about little things, in a way it motivates you and I felt much better after that over a cup of coffee and warm-baked cookies. Hehe! Thanks again Zoe!

  3. Joe Owens says:

    To be inspired is to allow yourself to b pulled out of the malaise of every day life. There is no shame in that. We are a type of creature that compares and contrasts frequently and there are situations that will trigger a response of jealousy. Being jealous is not a wrong response, but can be destructive if we allow it to control our actions.

    • figurynna says:

      Joe, you’re completely right. Life comparison happens without us being aware, and if we don’t have a strong self-control and quick switch of emotions, it may lead us being in the worst shape. I have known people who hate their life so much because of this (happens to me too long time ago), ultimately the ball bounce back to our inner-self to take charge of the situation.

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