Year in Review – 2013

It took me practically half of my weekend to flare up with this post. One thing for certain, the time was spent to recall old times and leafing through things that come to pass within a year; be that as it may, it is much easier to recap for I have the moments written down, and sharing them unhesitatingly all across the globe.

In Dec-2012, I wrote a simple, but precise manifesto. I reviewed my list once more and marked it in red for those that I did not achieve (or I may partly achieve it but without absolute fulfillment from the outcome). Next, I marked green for things which I can proudly tell myself, that I have accomplished the mission altogether.

2013 Final

In a nutshell, some of the tremendous downside in 2013 was:

  • The complicated, financial crisis risen by midyear – my debts were piled up after I moved out from my parents’ house. To make it sound even worst, coming to year end, my paycheck was never in a full amount.
  • During fourth quarter, my working attendance was considerably getting poorer with several unpaid leaves, which left me with no option, but forcing me to cut down several expenses.
  • My health condition has been like a roller coaster ride; I caught a nocturnal asthma in mid 2013, despite being an asthmatic patient since I was born.
  • And I bid my sorrow farewell to my beloved 3GS, forever.

Consecutively, my life in 2013 has also attained some finest moment like:

  • Coffee and the Sky. My greatest and happiest turning point would be this blog, initially created in Feb-2013. The blog marked my substantial realization, my first time sharing personal journey of my life, publicly. I was hesitant at first, but eventually, I became content and overjoyed. It has motivated me to achieve my goals, help me to improve my writing and most importantly, the best feeling of getting connected to new friends and exchanging ideas and experiences with all lovable readers.
  • Despite the fact that travelling RTW was somewhat aggressive for a person like me, I still manage to travel to 2 countries in 2013 – Philippines and Indonesia. That was considerable good enough for me.
  • I read more books and written finer life stories in 2013. I love to continue doing the same thing in New Year. I wrote from travel-related posts to admitting being an introvert myself.
  • In 2013, I stepped into another phase of life – I moved to a new home, my own little place, and I learnt a lot about making my own juice and basic cooking skills in my own kitchen.

Ultimately, every person has their own life goal; be it in a definite form of written list or solely by promising it in their heart. I got to admit that my hope for 2013 was huge and overwhelming. Somehow or rather, those things which I have put so much thought of, the tedious effort, and the abundance of time working on it, did not turn out well as I expected. Nevertheless, I’ve done certain great things and experienced incredible moments too along the way. I felt grateful and blessed to be given another chance to continue my life in a new journey, leaping into a fresh start. Let’s see how 2014 will be treating our next life adventure.

Before I close the chapter of 2013, here’s my compilation of favorite songs and quotes which I have shared in within year 2013:


And here are the quotes:

quote1 quote2 quote3


Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014!

What was your moments in 2013? Have you had your New Year resolution in place? Drop me your great and memorable stories, I would love to read them!

Coming up in next post – my wishful, bucket list of thoughts for 2014! 🙂

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