Months in Review – December 2013

As much as I was overjoyed by the many boxes of Christmas and holiday gifts, here and now, it is practically approaching end of the year. During this period, many may have started to conclude the year of 2013; skipping the review for the last month of the year.

Hardly any compelling occasion has happened in December for me, although the finest highlight is, I was capable to save some money from unnecessary spending or shopping.

It was extremely challenging to deal with the spending habits, strikingly during this season when there were plenty of Christmas and Year End Sale –  you’ll find almost every single item was sold at a discounted price anywhere you go, which consequently influenced you to be distracted from your saving plans. You’ll likely have the urge to buy more stuff than you should, and in most cases, spending on things that you WANT instead of what you NEED. Willpower takes the important role here, and I can proudly say, I have achieved it.

Another way of saving budget – did my own spa at home.

Throughout this month when I started saving, I was pretty lucky several times:

  • Card Reload Counter – I usually reload for $150 every month for this card, for toll usage. The officer at the counter told me I got a rebate for $102 this month (surprisingly that’s a big amount), so I ended up only reloaded for $48. *Phew!*
  • Buying Toiletries – I stocked up my toiletries which supposed to cost me in total of $100. I got back home, checked my receipt again, and somehow only then realized I only paid for $60; my guess was, perhaps the cashier has mistakenly tag my purchases or the cash register was malfunction for some reason. I saved $40 without losing any of the purchased items. Free items? Rarely happens to me.
  • During Lunch –  I used to pay for approx $6 to $7 for lunch on weekdays, somehow the cafe charged me for only $2 instead. And this happened few times (Don’t ask me how, probably I have that poorly, innocent face?)
  • Total Lucky Saving: Approx $150

Apart from those lucky moments, I was also in the middle of reading these e-books which I found in December:

Okay enough about December, what about New Year?

Truthfully, 2013 is the first year and the first time I shared my personal thoughts and my monthly reviews publicly. In all my honesty, I also have a confession: I haven’t had any precise planning for 2014, but I already have a pretty clear picture of what I aim to achieve and what not.

Last year in December 2012, I crafted my 2013 Manifesto. By hook or by crook, not many things happened as what I pondered, some turned out to be unexpectedly good, and some were awful.

In my next post, I’ll write about what I have in mind concerning the upcoming, new year. I’ll have to assure myself it’ll be better than this year; even if the end result doesn’t happen the way I expected it to be, at least I know I have tried my best – that’s how we learn more about ourselves, how much we’ve experienced along the way, and ultimately, makes us appreciate our life, much more.

Do share with me your new year plans! And wishing you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year lovelies! 🙂

“The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you”- Bob Harris in Lost In Translation

Currently Listening: Coldplay – Shiver

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