Months in Review – November 2013

The ‘Scorpio’ month was also the month where I celebrated my Birthday. But this year, I’ve blown out the candles at a beachfront restaurant in Bali on 2-Nov. It was something incomparably meaningful with exhilarated feeling. Having a birthday cake by the beach with the sound of the waves, leads you to a peaceful moment of realistic thinking; essentially about your future life plans.


Moments – The Awesome & Terrified.

The Terrified.

In essence where my highest hope that nothing disturbing will happen during the birthday month, I was completely wrong once again. On the down side somewhere in end of November, I’ve been dreadfully de-motivated; however this was entirely caused by a third person.

But before that, let me share with you a secret, and that is, I have a trust issue since I was a kid.

Unceasingly, I have this freakish and psychotic belief that I MUST NOT trust anyone in this beautiful world. I assume to have this persuasion of trust-disease due to my hurtful past experience. The disease has grown until today, and it’ll never get cured. Ultimately, the equation is fairly simple:

If (Person A > persuasive) {A = “Tiny Trustworthy” ;} else {A = “Lasting Liar” ;}

I’ve had a huge misconception by placing a small percentage of my trust towards this person – A person whom I have much honored from the very beginning. By some means, I have lost my trust altogether after several unbelievable incidents happened. For that reason, my heavy-heartedly regret extended to this person who has broke my trust in the time of my charmingly, birthday month; the person is now in my agitating list and no longer substantial to be standing at the corner of my life.

The Amazing.

Naturally, there will always be a good side of life.

God has always been fair, especially during the time where you least expected pleasant things to happen. Apart from the amazing Bali trip in early November, I have received more and more tremendous wishes and compassionate thoughts from amazing friends in here.

A couple of readers have expressed that they can relate my stories to their life; others were getting some fresh ideas. To my surprise, I was confessed by several kind-hearted people that they’ve bookmarked my blog and eagerly waiting for newer entries (sorry I haven’t been posted much lately, but I will never neglect my blog as I’ve said). And I have likewise been approached by few travelers asking for my Bali trip reviews (now I felt too much of guilt, but in a gratifying way) 🙂

Besides that, in November, I have also discovered these awesome and inspirational people that alongside, motivates me to start a new project next year.

Eventually, this has never come to my expectation. On 30-Nov, I’ve signed up for a new class/course but I’ll share more about it in 2014, once the outcome is turning more factual.


My November Favorite Picks.

Numerous of my favorite selection in November presented in photos below:

  1. Random make-up stuff and nail buffer I purchased at a warehouse sale – all items were about 70% discount and completely worth the money.
  2. A maroon wallet and a maroon bracelet that I purchased from Rip Curl at Bali, Indonesia – just to match the color with my iPhone’s casing, lol!

And I stumbled upon this list of fascinating links during November:

(*Derek-but famously known as Earl, Sab, and Marcello will now be in my favorite-travel-reading bucket)


Well, see you again next year my aging, baby month! December reviews and wrap up coming up in next post! 🙂

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.” ― Gretchen Rubin

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